Kenton Cool and Jules Cartwright lectures

As part of the Scottish Winter Climbing Performance Seminar 2004 on the 20 - 22nd February 2004 Glenmore Lodge will be hosting talks by two of the UK's leading alpinists. The talks are free to those taking part in the seminar, otherwise there is a £3 charge on the door.

"Logical Regression - Scotland, the Alps and Beyond" by Jules Cartwright, one of the UK's best-known alpinists. His talk covers how his hard won experience doing classic mixed routes in the Scottish Highlands translates to extreme Alpine winter climbing and big routes in the Greater Ranges.

"Alaska. The longest day". Kenton Cool's talk focusses on climbing single push style and includes ascents of the Mini Moonflower and a 46hr push on a new route on Denali, Alaska. He will also cover his 2nd ascent of the Denali Diamond.

For further details please contact Glenmore Lodge on 01479 861256.

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