Jon Bracey Alpine Club lecture - Hathersage

Alpinist Jon Bracey talks on his life and times as a modern climbing bum/aspirant guide.

Jon Bracey is one of the current, highly successful generation of young British alpinists. He's been on expeditions to Meru Sharks Fin, Alaska and Greenland but is perhaps best known for his second complete ascent of Kwande's North Face route 'Extra Blue Skies'. Soloing 8 routes in a day on the Ben (up to VI) is typical Bracey behaviour.

Jon says: "This slide show will take a look at how I became involved in climbing and run through a couple of my first highly influential trips to the greater ranges, including the North face of Kwande. With photographs from Scotland, Greenland, and The Lofoten Isles."

Alpine Club Northern Lecture: Starts 7:30pm, 21 January at Longland's Café, Hathersage. All those with an interest in climbing in the Alps and Greater Ranges are invited to attend for free.

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