Hinkes bails from Kanchenjunga

Alan Hinkes has made the decision not to return to Kanchenjunga this spring, after being heicoptered out 2 weeks ago because of a bronchial infection contracted on the trek in. He has been convalescing in Kathmandu, but still needs time to recover from the antibiotics, time which he doesn't have. The monsoon is likely to arrive towards the end of the month and the trek back to Kanchenjunga base camp takes two weeks in itself. Although Hinkes is naturally despondent, he points out that he has never had a bronchial infection in 20 years of Himalayan mountaineering. Last week saw a ferocious '10 year' storm hit the Himalayas, with some teams on Everest and other 8000ers packing up and coming home after their high camps were wiped out.

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