Everest gives up under the pressure

Unsettled weather and strong winds throughout May reminded Everest climbers that the Big One is still no pushover. When the wind dropped, the floodgates opened. So far we've had the oldest ever summiteer - 70 year old Yuichiro Miura from Japan reached the top from the South with his son Gota. They spent 4 days above 8000m waiting for a window and unusually, placed a camp just below the Balcony at c8,400m as the British team did in 1953. From the North, the youngest ever American to climb Everest Jess Roskelley, 20, reached the top with his father, John. Today, Russian Nikolay Totmyanin got to the top without the use of supplemental oxygen - still a rare occurrence. And for the first time ever, there has been a live summit broadcast from the Chinese team who's technology-versus-the-world's-highest battle involved running hundreds of metres of optic fibre cable up to 7000m on the North Col.

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