British Polar adventurer record journey

42 year old British Polar adventurer, Pen Hadow has entered the record books with the first solo, unsupported trek to the geographical North Pole from the Canadian side. Pen set off from Ward Hunt Island on 17 March, arriving 64 days later at the North Pole - a journey of 416 nautical miles. Just one other person has completed the solo and unsupported journey, Norwegian Børge Ousland (who incidently is high on 'the Third pole' - Everest today) took 52 days in 1994 from the 'easier' Russian side. Pen carried a satelitte phone throughout the journey and will now wait for a plane to pick him up, he will then fly on to London in a week's time. The famous British polar explorer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, who failed to make the journey described it as 'one of the last great endurance challenges on Earth'.

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