BMC shakeup: Turnbull leads "BMC", McNae leads "Mountain Services"

The BMC's split into two organisations, non-commercial (BMC) and a commercial (Mountain Services), continues: now Dave Turnbull has been appointed Chief Officer of the BMC, while Andy McNae, who has long experience as the BMC's publicity officer - sort of Alistair Campbell to Roger Payne's Tony Blair - is the new Chief Executive for MSL.

Dave is an occasional poster here, though Andy M apparently not. The key question is how much the BMC will push MSL stuff, and how other climbing companies like it.

What's more, Niall Grimes (of Hard Grit fame) is now one of them: he's "been appointed as the Guidebook Production Co-ordinator. Niall has excellent guidebook and Peak District experience and is looking forward to coordinating and supporting the publication programme as of 10 December when he takes up post."

So, Cave Crack at Froggatt to be upgraded to E9?

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