Best Climbing Experience

It's all about the moments of flow. Kaly 2012 and feeling like a kid with a year's saved pocket money and the best sweet shop in the world to blow it in. The sneaking feeling on the last day of a brilliant trip of one last thing left to do... setting the alarm for before dawn, walking up to the crag and warming up in the dark. Trying my hardest flash and spending nearly two hours up and downclimbing between rests on 40m of amazing overhanging limestone, while the sun comes up. The feeling of freedom of having nothing to lose. Clipping the chains with an unspeakable weariness but utterly blissed out. Running down to scoff breakfast, take the tent down and fly home. Redpointing the route on the last go of the day, while the limestone is glowing orange and still warm from the sun. Eating the best strawberries I've ever tasted while still buzzing. Bouldering in the snow in the Peak, sunshine and show showers, numb fingers and ridiculously grippy grit. Magical. Exploring the labyrinth of tunnels, rusting machinery and overgrown inclines in the Dinorwig slate quarries, slate huts full of satanic looking billy-goats, perched up on things, having some sort of conference. Lying in a field in Nant Peris staring up at a sky full of stars. The feeling you get when you look up and realise that all you have left is easy ground to the belay. Boulder hopping to the start of the route whilst dodging enormous Atlantic breakers. Looking down after pitch one and realising that retreat is now quite problematic. It starts raining on pitch 2. Narrowly avoiding being attacked by infuriated seagulls at the second stance. Being petrified scrambling off the summit in torrential rain. Building a big stack of mats under Crescent Arete in perfect November weather. Topping out and going back round for another go.

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Crib Y Ddysgl - Crib Goch Traverse (Summer) Grade-1 *** Cyan Jul, 2006 Crib Goch
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