Andy on the exposed arete of The Verger
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Culm - When the tide's in. ticklist

contributed by Jelly Mould Surfer Jun/13

A list of routes to the do when the tide is in. Not all have been checked, and may need a neap tide. Certainly when it's springs and a big seas is running keep well away.

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Note: Only showing summits, scrambles, winter routes, and low grade climbs

Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Coitionary TalesHVS 5a *57?Hippa Rock
Tales of Don JuanE1 5b *35?Hippa Rock
VirgoVS 4c 818mHippa Rock
Blackwater DownE1 5b 420mHippa Rock
Sensual SeasE1 5b *12?Hippa Rock
VolupteE3 5c *920mHippa Rock
Consenting AdultsE4 5c *1?Hippa Rock
KatabaticE2 5c 1?Hippa Rock
HippodromeE1 5b 7?Hippa Rock
Polar AirstreamS 2?Hippa Rock
Sideways ScootererE1 5a **1?Moped Zawn
Where is My Mind?XS 5a -28mMoped Zawn
The SnakeHVS 5a *2330mMoped Zawn
VickersE1 5a 1?Moped Zawn
StarfireVS 4b 4?Moped Zawn
BantamVS 4c 1825mMoped Zawn
Grapefruit CocktailHVS 5a 18?Moped Zawn
Nippy NormanHS 4b 525mMoped Zawn
Exit RouteHS 4b -?Moped Zawn
Rolling RockHVS 5a 1032mVicarage Cliff
Grass HeadE1 5a 535mVicarage Cliff
Atom HeadE1 5c *59?Vicarage Cliff
MalawiVS 4b 2580mFoxhold Slabs
ZambiaE2 5c 6?Foxhold Slabs
AngolaHVS 5b 32?Foxhold Slabs
Joker ManVS 4c 1920mFoxhold Slabs
The French ConnectionHVS 4c 250mFoxhold Slabs
SilkS 4a 59?Foxhold Slabs
Silk, direct finishVS 4c 450m• 2Foxhold Slabs
SatinHVS 5a *27?Foxhold Slabs
White SabbathVS 4c 2?Foxhold Slabs
StreamlineE4 6a **218mSpekes Mill Mouth...
Sacred RiverE3 6a 120mSpekes Mill Mouth...
Red TapeHVS 5b 418mSpekes Mill Mouth...
CuchulainVS 4c 518mSpekes Mill Mouth...
OddE5 6a -?Spekes Mill Mouth...
Finn McCoolVS 4b 118mSpekes Mill Mouth...
Pressure DropE3 5c ***14130mSpekes Mill Mouth...
EdE5 6a **234mSpekes Mill Mouth...
Surface TensionE5 6a *-?Spekes Mill Mouth...
Down to a Sunless SeaE5 6a **6?Spekes Mill Mouth...
BlunderbussE3 5b *1?Blackchurch
The HeathenXS 5b -92m• 4Blackchurch
AntichristE3 5b 392m• 3Blackchurch
SummerhouseE3 5b 183m• 3Blackchurch
The VergerE1 5a *34?Blackchurch
Machineries of JoyE2 5c -83m• 2Blackchurch
Crucial BunnyE2 5a -?Blackchurch
PrayermatE1 4c 8?Blackchurch
Loose WomanE1 5b *14453m• 3Blackchurch
BarabbasE1 5a 259m• 2Blackchurch
StopfordE1 4c -68m• 2Blackchurch
The SextonE3 5c **4?Blackchurch
GodspellE5 6a **10?Blackchurch
The Naked GodE6 6a **446mBlackchurch
Making Plans for NigelXS 5b -?Blackchurch
The Ghost of Belle AireE6 6b **218mBlackchurch
The Wine Dark SeaE1 5a *18?Damehole Point
Magical StaircaseVS 4c 34?Gull Rock - Marsland
Wicks FollyVS 4c 39?Gull Rock - Marsland
Lead BootsE1 5b *57?Gull Rock - Marsland
Walking on the MoonHVS 5a **221?Gull Rock - Marsland
OiseauxE1 5b **85?Gull Rock - Marsland
Crazy StreakE1 5a *47?Gull Rock - Marsland
ArgonautHVS 4c 43?Gull Rock - Marsland
Solid AirVS 4b **292?Gull Rock - Marsland
Shivering TimbersVS 4b *181?Gull Rock - Marsland
Seaward EdgeHS 4a *140?Gull Rock - Marsland
PortVD -?Higher Sharpnose...
StarboardS 7?Higher Sharpnose...
Quarter DeckVD 8?Higher Sharpnose...
BubblyD 725mHigher Sharpnose...
Booby PrizeE6 6b ***14?Gull Rock - Marsland
Duty FreeVS 4c *-20mCornakey Cliff
BootleggersVS 4c -19mCornakey Cliff
Half-MastS 1468m• 2Higher Sharpnose...
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