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The Great Sea Cliffs of Scotland ticklist

contributed by RobertMacKenzie Feb/21

Inspired by the list of incredible routes and inspiring stories described in Guy Robertsons book "The Great Sea Cliffs of Scotland". Here are all the routes mentioned in the book, including the random mention of The Nose on El Cap.

The few exceptions for route not yet on UKC:
Yesnaby - Crowd Pleaser E2, Oscence E4
Caithness - Third Degree E4, Sticky in the Middle E3, The Gray Team E1

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Note: Only showing summits, scrambles, winter routes, and low grade climbs

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Thing of DreamsE4 6a ***822mYesnaby
Landward (East) AreteE2 5b **25?Castle of Yesnaby
DragonheadE6 6b ***420mYesnaby
Ain't No Strange As FolkE2 5b *-18mYesnaby
YellowhammerE7 6c ***-20mYesnaby
Gardyloo GoldE4 6a ***722mYesnaby
Mucklehouse WallE5 6a **7100m• 4Rora Head
Roaring FortiesE3 5c **1880m• 3Rora Head
East Face Route (Original Route)E1 5b ***691130m• 5(Old Man of) Hoy
A Fistful of DollarsE5 6a **-?(Old Man of) Hoy
GMBE5 6a ***2145m• 6(Old Man of) Hoy
Big JohnE5 ***7435m• 14St Johns Head
Longhope RouteE7 6c ***2493m• 23St Johns Head
The Charles JonesE2 5c *-25mEshaness Lighthouse
Captain ToddE1 5a -25mEshaness Lighthouse
A Single CaskHVS 5a *-15mEshaness Lighthouse
Lost SquaccoHS 4a -20mEshaness Lighthouse
MaryVS 4c *735mEshaness Lighthouse
Scooty AlanHVS 5a ***240mEshaness Lighthouse
RingilHVS 5a **635mEshaness Lighthouse
Goblin CleaverE2 5c ***240mEshaness Lighthouse
Foy CornerVS 4c ***345mEshaness Lighthouse
The SilmarilHVS 5a ***6?Eshaness Lighthouse
Near Perfect AreteHVS 5a **945mEshaness Lighthouse
GúthwinëE1 5b *-35mEshaness Lighthouse
NarsilE2 5b **-40mEshaness Lighthouse
GurthangE3 5b -40mEshaness Lighthouse
AeonE2 5c **-40mEshaness Lighthouse
Welcome HomeVS 4c ***4?Tingon
Ultima ThuleE7 ***-?Nebbifield
Death CapE1 5a ***178?Earnsheugh
Prehistoric MonsterE5 6a ***45?Earnsheugh
ThugosaurusE5 6a ***21?Earnsheugh
NecromancerE5 6a ***40?Earnsheugh
Grim SpectreE6 6b *1?Earnsheugh
Weird SisterE3 5c **31?Earnsheugh
CthuluE5 6a *6?Earnsheugh
Grimly FiendishE4 6a *12?Earnsheugh
The HedonistHVS 5a ***1730mSouth Cove
Space RatsE5 6a ***5?• 3South Cove
Red PlanetE4 6a ***11?• 3South Cove
Red Planet - The Redshift FinishE5 6a ***-?• 3South Cove
Cracks in RealityE5 6a ***10?• 2South Cove
Orbital EjectionE3 5c ***1250m• 3South Cove
ProcrastinationE5 6b ***5?• 2South Cove
Lost In SpaceE6 6b ***1?• 2South Cove
ProcreationE6 6b ***2?• 2South Cove
Silver SurferHVS 5a **3735mSarclet
The Sarclet PimpernelE1 5a ***10935mSarclet
Spummin MarvelousE3 5c ***1530mSgaps Geo
Oliver's TravelsE3 5c ***280m• 4Ellens Geo
God's GiftE7 6b 2?Sgaps Geo
The Fracture ClinicE4 5c **530mEllens Geo
Where the Taught Wave HangsHVS 5a **3?Ellens Geo
Brains as well as BraunE4 6a **635mEllens Geo
Strata GemE3 5c ***1435mEllens Geo
So This is SummerE1 5b ***16?Ellens Geo
Layer CakeHVS 5a **2?Ellens Geo
Hundreds and ThousandsE2 5c ***1635mEllens Geo
Pigs EarE4 5c ***430mEllens Geo
Towed in the HoleE4 6a ***4?Ellens Geo
The HavenVS 4c **1625mSarclet
Crypt RobberE2 5c ***535mSarclet
Walking on WaterE2 5c ***2635mSarclet
A Paddler's TaleE4 5c ***1235mSarclet
DjapanaE3 5c ***528mSarclet
Another Day In The OfficeE1 5a ***940mSarclet
Groove ArmadaVS 4c ***8735mSarclet
The Ugly Bug BallE1 5b ***4?Sarclet
Time BanditE4 6a ***335mSarclet
The Prozac LinkE4 5c ***5695m• 4Uig Sea Cliffs...
The Heebie-JeebiesE1 5b **2250m• 2Uig Sea Cliffs...
Grant's Bad Hair DayE2 5b ***3150m• 2Uig Sea Cliffs...
The Wailing WallE4 6a ***450m• 2Uig Sea Cliffs...
Suffering BastardE4 6a ***1825mUig Sea Cliffs...
The Screaming AbdabsE6 6b ***275m• 3Uig Sea Cliffs...
Prophecy of DrowningE2 5c ***213115m• 4Pabbay
The Great ArchE8 6c ***-90m• 6Pabbay
What! More Puffin?E6 6b ***480m• 2Pabbay
BravuraE7 6b ***-100m• 3Pabbay
The GugaE5 6b ***990m• 3Pabbay
In Profundum LacuE5 6a ***3680m• 2Pabbay
The Ancient MarinersE4 6a ***4685m• 2Pabbay
I Suppose a Cormorant's Out of the Question Then?E5 6b ***1285m• 3Pabbay
The BonxieE6 6b ***1875m• 3Pabbay
Voyage of FaithE3 5c ***124120m• 4Mingulay
Fifteen Fathoms of FearS 4a ***950mMingulay
The SilkieE3 6a ***48100m• 3Mingulay
Call of the SeaE3 5c ***57100m• 2Mingulay
Ray of LightE4 5c ***20130m• 3Mingulay
Perfect MonstersE7 6b ***3110m• 5Mingulay
Rory Rum the Story ManE5 6a ***15100m• 4Mingulay
Ocean VoyeurE5 6a ***465m• 3Mingulay
Dream the Dhearg GochE6 6b ***-60m• 3Mingulay
Variations on a DreamE5 6a *765m• 3Mingulay
The ScreamE7 6b **255mMingulay
The Horror BeneathE1 5b **140mMingulay
Fulmar SquawE3 5c ***3545mMingulay
Big Chief Turning BullE5 6a ***2440mMingulay
The Road to NowhereE3 5c *540mMingulay
Little Miss Sitting PrettyE5 6a **2140mMingulay
Alien SlayerE5 6a ***-170m• 5Berneray
Atlantic AfrontE3 5c **-175m• 5Berneray
The BeastingsE4 5c ***-175m• 5Berneray
Barra Head GamesE3 5c ***-110m• 3Berneray
The Great AukE1 5b ***-90m• 2Berneray
Eye of the EagleE3 6a ***-95m• 3Berneray
Stolen MomentsE3 5c ***-100m• 3Berneray
Piping UpE1 5b ***-80m• 3Berneray
Barra SoundsE2 5b ***-90m• 2Berneray
Wavering WorldsE2 5c ***-90m• 3Berneray
Imagine ThisE2 5b ***-25mBerneray
Victims of CircumstanceE1 5b *-90m• 2Berneray
The Book Before The TrialE3 6a ***-90m• 2Berneray
Old Boy RacerE8 7a **-80m• 3St Kilda
Boat RaceE6 6a ***-90m• 3St Kilda
Making a SplashE7 6c ***-75m• 3St Kilda
InternationaleE3 5b **9045mKilt Rock, Staffin
Grey PantherE1 5b ***42745mKilt Rock, Staffin
WildwoodE5 6a ***545mStaffin Slips
Road To RuinE2 5b **1845mKilt Rock, Staffin
SkyemanE2 5b **5440mKilt Rock, Staffin
Spaced Out Rockers On The Road To OblivionE4 5c ***3565m• 2Reiff - Rubha...
Rolling FoamE3 5c ***15?Creag Rodha Mor
Mega FlakeE2 5c *8?Creag Rodha Mor
Champagne RhubarbE2 6a **7?Creag Rodha Mor
Rusty BucketsE3 6a ***5?Creag Rodha Mor
Ruddy Glow CornerE4 6b **1?Creag Rodha Mor
Shades of GloryE2 5c *-?Creag Rodha Mor
Crystal ShellE3 5c **2?Creag Rodha Mor
Ramp it UpE3 5c **7?Creag Rodha Mor
GuanissimoE2 5b **23?Creag Rodha Mor
Rodha MorE5 6a ***6?Creag Rodha Mor
The AmbassadorsE6 6b ***1?Creag Rodha Mor
Original RouteVS 5a ***77470m• 4Old Man of Stoer
Diamond Face RouteE1 5b ***108?Old Man of Stoer
BloodlustE1 5b **72?Sheigra Sea Cliffs
Monkey ManE3 5c ***99?Sheigra Sea Cliffs
Here and NowE6 6b ***925mSheigra Sea Cliffs
WanderingsE2 5b ***7635mSheigra Sea Cliffs
Dying In VeinE4 5c **525mSheigra Sea Cliffs
Original RouteHVS 5b *4655m• 4Am Buachaille
Atlantic WallE1 5b **2560m• 3Am Buachaille
Clo Mor CrackE3 5c 8175m• 6Clo Mor
The NoseC2 ***182?• 31El Capitan
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