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The Dartmoor Tors ticklist

contributed by James Moyle Feb/11

The high points and Tors of Dartmoor - more will be added when the "add a hill" form comes online.

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Note: Only showing summits, scrambles, winter routes, and low grade climbs

Add Hill name GradeTicks? Height County
Yes Torsummit 152619mDevon
High Willhayssummit 132621mDevon
Oke Torsummit 23466mDevon
Brat Torsummit 8452mDevon
Fox Torsummit 13438mDevon
Great Links Torsummit 24586mDevon
Little Links Torsummit 10502mDevon
Scarey Torsummit 9365mDevon
Winter Torsummit 11421mDevon
Belstone Torsummit 17479mDevon
Rowtorsummit 14468mDevon
East Mill Torsummit 12513mDevon
Steeperton Torsummit 16532mDevon
Wild Torsummit 16531mDevon
Hound Torsummit 23495mDevon
Little Hound Torsummit 17492mDevon
Kitty Torsummit 17585mDevon
Combe Torssummit 3277mDevon
Great Mis Torsummit 23538mDevon
Little Mis Torsummit 19482mDevon
Nat Torsummit 4340mDevon
Ger Torsummit 8412mDevon
Sharp Torsummit 11519mDevon
Hare Torsummit 9531mDevon
Doe Torsummit 5425mDevon
Arms Torsummit 5457mDevon
Chat Torsummit 10541mDevon
Green Torsummit 6546mDevon
Hunt Torsummit 7562mDevon
Gren Torsummit 6512mDevon
Lints Torsummit 13496mDevon
Dinger Torsummit 16550mDevon
Black Torsummit 14488mDevon
Shelstone Torsummit 8394mDevon
Sourton Torsummit 13440mDevon
Vixen Torsummit 8317mDevon
Kings Torsummit 15401mDevon
Black Torsummit 6311mDevon
Sharp Torsummit 11414mDevon
Sharp Torsummit 12380mDevon
Black Torsummit 12363mDevon
Hound Tor Summitsummit 52414mDevon
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