"Don't Stop Now!" Dave Turnbull reaches the final crux on London Wall
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John Allen (gritstone) megamix ticklist

contributed by steveriley May/20

Stunning list of first ascents from the late John Allen

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Note: Only showing summits, scrambles, winter routes, and low grade climbs

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Reticent Mass MurdererE4 6b ***208mCratcliffe Tor
Liquid AssetsE4 6b *222mCratcliffe Tor
RequiemE3 6a ***10026m• 2Cratcliffe Tor
The Children's HouseE5 6c **328mCratcliffe Tor
Saville StreetE3 6a ***15928mMillstone Edge
Embankment 1E2 5c **56724m• 2Millstone Edge
London WallE5 6a ***18622mMillstone Edge
Coventry StreetE5 6b **18622mMillstone Edge
Moon WalkE4 6a ***27912mCurbar Edge
Moon CrackE5 6b ***7814mCurbar Edge
Mr SofteeE1 6a 2816mCurbar Edge
SoyuzE2 5c **30310mCurbar Edge
Forbidden PlanetE5 6b **912mCurbar Edge
FidgetE2 6b *657mCurbar Edge
El Vino CollapsoE5 6a **838mCurbar Edge
Portrait of a LegendE4 6b 19mCurbar Edge
PredatorE2 5c *17813mCurbar Edge
Profit of DoomE4 6b ***8516mCurbar Edge
White Noise F.M.E2 6a *166mCurbar Edge
StrapadictomyE5 6b ***3059mFroggatt Edge
SundownerE2 5a *92812mFroggatt Edge
The Gully JokeE3 5c *9215mFroggatt Edge
RatbagE2 5b *43218mFroggatt Edge
Four Pebble SlabE3 5c *49612mFroggatt Edge
Hairless HeartE5 5c ***16415mFroggatt Edge
ArtlessE5 6b **14615mFroggatt Edge
Roman OrgyE4 6b *57mFroggatt Edge
Debut WallHVS 5b 2?Froggatt Edge
DebutanteHVS 5a 27mFroggatt Edge
Stealing the Misanthrope's PurseHVS 5a 116mFroggatt Edge
Reverse DiscoE2 5c 112mFroggatt Edge
Fame at LastHVS 5b 211mFroggatt Edge
Artless/Hairless HeartE5 6b ***9?Froggatt Edge
Black FingerE3 5c 1510mWharncliffe Crags
Helping HandE1 5c *4310mWharncliffe Crags
Cardinal's TreasureE4 6b *8?Wharncliffe Crags
MoontanE5 6c *114mRivelin Edge
Only HumanE5 6c *118mRivelin Edge
The TerminatorE5 6c **59mRivelin Edge
Party AnimalE3 5c *19110mRivelin Edge
Europe After Rainf7A *255mRivelin Edge
Small TimeE2 6b 48mRivelin Edge
Regular RouteHVS 5a *2269mRivelin Edge
New MediterraneanE5 6c **149mRivelin Edge
MoolahE5 6b **229mRivelin Edge
The Caress of the Blubbery HandE2 6a 16mRivelin Edge
Interminable DrizzleE3 6c -12mRivelin Edge
Garibaldi TwinsE4 6b 112mRivelin Edge
Benberry WallE3 5b 1610mBamford Edge
Bamford RibHVS 5a **126516mBamford Edge
OntosE3 6b **6516mBamford Edge
Trouble with LichenHVS 5b **13625mBamford Edge
Small is Beautifulf7A ***2048mBurbage North
Now or NeverE1 5b **61812mBurbage North
Ai No CorridaE5 6b **508mBurbage North
The Sphinxf7A+ ***30?Burbage North
Ring My BellE4 6a 88mBurbage North
GymnipodiesE4 6b 1?Burbage North
BoggartE2 6b **8914mBurbage South Edge
The KnockE4 6a ***2388mBurbage South Edge
The KnackE1 5c *1006mBurbage South Edge
Unfinished SymphonyHVS 5b *238mBurbage South Edge
Pebble MillE5 6b ***16712mBurbage South Edge
We Ain't Gonna Pay No TollE5 6b **1412mBurbage South Edge
Dork ChildE1 5c *378mBurbage South Edge
Above and Beyond the Kinaesthetic Barrierf7A ***236mBurbage South Edge
SuspenseE2 5c ***94020mLawrencefield
Bastard Cut/Prince's DustbinE4 6b *4?Higgar Tor
LazeE2 5c 15?Higgar Tor
Dead EyeHVS 6a 4310mBirchen Edge
Naughty NauticalsE2 6b 218mBirchen Edge
Gritstone Megamixf7A ***5510mBirchen Edge
Sleeping SicknessE3 5c ***3410mGardom's Edge
The IglooE5 6b *515mGardom's Edge
Spanish FlyE7 6c **515mGardom's Edge
AgadooE3 6b 17mGardom's Edge
Vibrio DirectE2 6a **6912mChatsworth Edge
A Day at the PromE4 6b *-14mBlack Rocks
The Indirect StartE2 6a *1010mBlack Rocks
Our KidE4 5c 410mBlack Rocks
Shredded FeetE3 6b *412mBlack Rocks
Golden DaysE3 6a **948mBlack Rocks
Vikings in a Sea of SweatE2 5c -8mBlack Rocks
Chip Shop Brawlf7A+ ***4512mStanage North
Good Clean FunE4 6b **810mStanage North
The LamiaE3 5c ***2528m• 2Stanage North
HarvestE4 6b **294mStanage North
NectarE4 6b ***4316m• 2Stanage North
Orang-outangE2 5c ***37012mStanage North
DeuteronomyHVS 5b **24110mStanage North
Old FriendsE4 6a ***20018mStanage North
New York, New Yorkf6B ***65?Stanage North
Bad DoVS 4c 53?Stanage North
So Many Classics, So Little TimeE4 6b 56mStanage North
Concept of KinkyE6 6b *1?Stanage North
GameoE2 5b 4?Stanage North
Count Me OutE2 5c *2014mStanage Plantation
Shirley's Shining Templef7C ***1110mStanage Plantation
The Trickledown FairyE5 6a *88mStanage Plantation
Smash Your GlassesE5 6b *214mStanage Plantation
White WandE5 6a ***10522mStanage Plantation
Breadlinef6C ***131?Stanage Plantation
Not to be Taken Awayf6C ***10616mStanage Plantation
Grace and DangerE6 6c **714mStanage Plantation
Indian SummerE6 6c **522mStanage Plantation
Tower Face IndirectVS 4b *14124mStanage Plantation
ScupperedE4 6a *1110mStanage Plantation
Miserable MiracleE2 5b **376mStanage Plantation
SkidooE6 6b *412mStanage Plantation
PunishmentE5 6b **18mStanage Plantation
Walking the WhippetE3 5c *308mStanage Plantation
Pegasus RibHVS 5a *34812mStanage Plantation
Boys Will Be BoysE6 6b **710mStanage Plantation
Direct LossE4 6a **1212mStanage Plantation
Mounting Frustrationf6C **186mStanage Plantation
Pretty Pettyf5+ *816mStanage Plantation
Mitch PitchE1 5c *1166mStanage Plantation
Blue FluffE4 5c 210mStanage Plantation
Guillotine DirectE4 6b *1014mStanage Popular
The GuillotineE3 5c **13816mStanage Popular
The Old DragonE2 5b *11914mStanage Popular
StanleyvilleE4 5c **6220mStanage Popular
Cave EliminateE2 6a **17316mStanage Popular
ConstipationE4 6a **6414mStanage Popular
Pacific Ocean WallE5 6b **1014mStanage Popular
Rubber BandVS 4b **64820mStanage Popular
Cold TurkeyHVS 5a **71122mStanage Popular
Ice BoatE1 5c *15114mStanage Popular
Wall of SoundE6 6b ***1216mStanage Popular
Black Hawk BastionE3 5c **54216mStanage Popular
Stanage Without OxygenE5 6c **2110mStanage Popular
Traverse of the Gritstone GodsE4 6b **316mStanage Popular
Not Much Weak Stack Battered or What?E4 6b 515mStanage Popular
Body Roll FinishE3 6a 15mStanage Popular
Licence to LustE4 6a *112mRoaches Lower Tier
Commander EnergyE2 5c ***86512mRoaches Lower Tier
Body PoppE4 6b **2010mRamshaw Rocks
Rock TriviaE2 6c *46mRamshaw Rocks
Maximum HypeE3 5c *110mRamshaw Rocks
The Ultra DirectE2 6b *38mRamshaw Rocks
Night of LustE4 6b *-14mRamshaw Rocks
Foord's FollyE2 6a ***6010mRamshaw Rocks
The ArĂȘteE2 5c ***10922mTintwistle Knarr
The Big WallE3 6a **3320mShining Clough
BlasphemyE2 5c ***12514mWimberry Rocks
HalinaE2 5c *2416mWimberry Rocks
Kremlin WallE1 5c **4214mStanding Stones
Morose MongooseE4 6b *28mBrimham Rocks
Amazing GraceE6 6b *114mCaley Crags
Roscoe's Wall/Round TableHVS 5b *23210mRoaches Upper Tier
Round TableE1 5b *4310mRoaches Upper Tier
Drop AcidE4 6a 614mRoaches Skyline
Safety NetE1 5b ***70710mRoaches Skyline
Art of SilenceE3 6a -?Carl Wark
Six PackE3 6a -?Carl Wark
Lost WorldE6 6c **11?Carl Wark
AnthraxE3 6a **714mHen Cloud
The Better EndE3 6a **1812mHen Cloud
CaricatureE5 6b ***1220mHen Cloud
Starlight and Stormf6C+ ***13?Hen Cloud
Valley of UltravixensE3 5c *59mNewstones and...
PonsifiedE4 6a -8mNewstones and...
Humpty & DumptyHVS 5b *17mStanton Moor
Backy ScratchyE1 5b 17mStanton Moor
UmbongoE1 5c *1911mTurningstone Edge
Grizzly ArĂȘtef7A+ **153?Robin Hood's Stride
Long Wall EliminateE3 6a *714mDen Lane Quarry
BurssolaHVS 5b *998mBurbage South...
Silent SpringE4 5c ***1524m• 2Burbage South...
Monks of Monserrat plcE4 6b -?White Tor
Altar21 **124mOtepatotu
Crapbreech Revisited19 1?The Tors
In the Night22 **-?Mt Pleasant
The Jesus LizardE2 5c **213mHillcar Wood
UnsaneE1 5b 29mHillcar Wood
CherubsHVS 5b *29mHillcar Wood
ConvergeHVS 5a *214mHillcar Wood
KEN ModeE1 5b 213mHillcar Wood
M35 (A35)E6 6c **-8mBamford Edge
Raven RibHVS 5a **1110mThe Ravenstones
NefertitiE6 6c *149mBurbage North
West Side Storyf7B+ ***275?Burbage West
Art of Japanf6C ***3268mCurbar Edge
Leyroy Slips a Discf7B **6?Stanage Popular
The Jackalopef7A ***64?Gardom's Edge
Night Saltf7A+ **27?Stanage Plantation
Esoteric SlabE4 6b **1?Wyming Brook
Right Spurf6C+ **114?Stanage Plantation
Left Spurf7A 13?Stanage Plantation
Parallel UniverseE3 6b 810mRivelin Edge
Bath House PinkE4 6c 7?Burbage South Edge
Technical Masterf6B ***575?Millstone Edge
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