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Steve and David on Central Buttress
© Pete Callaghan, May 2013

I want a Pasty! ticklist

contributed by Moi_taiga Apr/20

A Selection of easy bits from North Wales to Lands End!

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Note: Only showing summits, scrambles, winter routes, and low grade climbs

Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Crack 2D *306?Barmouth Slabs
Zig ZagVD **269?Barmouth Slabs
Crack 3D **363?Barmouth Slabs
Crack 4D **290?Barmouth Slabs
Crack 5D 136?Barmouth Slabs
Apex ArêteVD *22718mPorthclais Area
The CrackVD **78820mPorthclais Area
Rising DampD **21124mPorthclais Area
Cormorant FrontVD *8112mSt. Non's Bay
AquarianVD *16115mSt. Non's Bay
GeminiVD *35318mSt. Non's Bay
A Load of PolluxVD 718mSt. Non's Bay
Jammed Rope RouteVD 821mSt. Non's Bay
Tatty CrackVD 2621mSt. Non's Bay
White CornerD *31836mCaerfai Bay
Burnt ArêteVD 13639mCaerfai Bay
Scorch GrooveD *20536mCaerfai Bay
Mad Mei5c S0 *39mCarreg-y-Barcud Area
Private Dancer5a S0 *786mCarreg-y-Barcud Area
Student Grant5a S0 686mCarreg-y-Barcud Area
Hippy4c S0 *1026mCarreg-y-Barcud Area
True Blue4c S0 **1516mCarreg-y-Barcud Area
Barrel Traverse6c S0 ***16330mCarreg-y-Barcud Area
The Great ValerioHVS 5a ***31042mCarreg-y-Barcud Area
Left EdgeVD *15015mCarreg-y-Barcud Area
First CornerVD *17925mCarreg-y-Barcud Area
Flimston SlabVD **30636mFlimston Bay
Flimston CrackVD ***31336mFlimston Bay
Final GrooveD *8221mSaddle Head
BuffVD 45024mSaddle Head
Fel GŵyrD *60425mSaddle Head
Forgotten CornerHVD *57824mSaddle Head
Small BeginningsVD *69224mSaddle Head
Exit CornerVD 20317mSt. Govan's Head
Descent ChimneyD 3415mSt. Govan's Head
Square ChimneyVD 821mMowingword
LedgewayD 1621mMowingword
Planktonitis5c S0 *4411mLydstep Cavern Bay
Big Screen4c S0 *6211mLydstep Cavern Bay
Way Down3c S0 *6310mLydstep Cavern Bay
Cocko5a S0 1712mLydstep Cavern Bay
Way Down4c S0 *269mPenally East
Hate5a S0 **319mPenally East
Cure for Crabs5c *20?Telpyn Point
Sprats from the Captain's Table5c 30?Telpyn Point
Top Mouth Gudgeon5c 10?Telpyn Point
Leger System5a 3?Telpyn Point
Cunning Ling5b 7?Telpyn Point
Mussel Man5c *36?Telpyn Point
Ma Moule Don't Like U Laffin5c 31?Telpyn Point
Safe Connection5c 2?Telpyn Point
Crash and Dash5b 27?Morfa Bychan
Toxic Assets4a 32?Morfa Bychan
Green Shoots of Recovery5a 33?Morfa Bychan
Squeeze that Lemon5c 9?Morfa Bychan
The Golden String5c *1612mMorfa Bychan
Noah's Arse5b 18?Morfa Bychan
Get Out Claws2c 10?Morfa Bychan
Recurring Nightmare5a 514mMorfa Bychan
P.E.G. Feed5c 3?Morfa Bychan
Mini Mission5b 86mCwm Capel
Vile Proposition4a 18?Cwm Capel
Premonition5a 13?Cwm Capel
Man on a Mission5a 9?Cwm Capel
Wittle Thieving Lankers4c *116?Rhossili Beach
Top Drawer5c 121?Rhossili Beach
Secret Drawers5b 7?Rhossili Beach
Dirty Innuendo5c 89?Rhossili Beach
Geez Louise5c *174?Rhossili Beach
Mini the Minx5a 1316mRhossili Beach
Smeaton's Stump5c 8?Rhossili Beach
Good Ship Venus5c 6?Rhossili Beach
Atraumen5b 7?Rhossili Beach
El Cino4b 12?Rhossili Beach
Frappacino4b 17?Rhossili Beach
Pure Cino4b *41?Rhossili Beach
Giraffacino5c 2?Rhossili Beach
Catapult4b *27?Rhossili Beach
Schengen4b *14?Rhossili Beach
Border Control4b *23?Rhossili Beach
Checkpoint Checkout5b *15?Rhossili Beach
Ma Maid's Mermaid5b *8?Rhossili Beach
Andre Marriner5b 1?Rhossili Beach
Black Sea Shanty5a 3?Rhossili Beach
Sea Shanty Rib4b 7?Rhossili Beach
Seaman's Sea Shanty5a 1?Rhossili Beach
Seaman in the Groove5b *11?Rhossili Beach
No Tar5a *3?Rhossili Beach
Operation Seaman5a -?Rhossili Beach
Me Harty's4b *12?Rhossili Beach
Kickback Tar4b -?Rhossili Beach
Whispering Whelks4a *14?Rhossili Beach
All Hands on the Sea Cocks3a 9?Rhossili Beach
Crass Word Pizzle4a 35?Rhossili Beach
Landlubber4a 45?Rhossili Beach
The Naughty Corner4a 43?Rhossili Beach
Ursula4a 55?Rhossili Beach
Ceasg4a 59?Rhossili Beach
Turtle Apocalypse4a 90?Rhossili Beach
No Father Day5c *56?Rhossili Beach
Lara5a *88?Rhossili Beach
Scurvy Dog5c **85?Rhossili Beach
Filial Duty5c *66?Rhossili Beach
Fought To The End5c *17?Rhossili Beach
A Mermaid's Tale5b **26?Rhossili Beach
Dawson's Corner5a ***104?Rhossili Beach
Dawsons Creek5b **33?Rhossili Beach
Fistful of Tenners4c ***279?Rhossili Beach
Cash in the Attic5b **67?Rhossili Beach
Holds May Spin5b **74?Rhossili Beach
Probate Pending3c 61?Rhossili Beach
Pysgodwibblywobbly5a 50?Rhossili Beach
Names from Roger's Profanisorous5b 34?Rhossili Beach
Al Perchino4b 35?Rhossili Beach
Scuttle4b 28?Rhossili Beach
The Trevena Fish Hotel4b *47?Rhossili Beach
Scarfish5c 19?Rhossili Beach
Horse Flavoured Shadows5c *22?Rhossili Beach
Triton Left5b 15?Rhossili Beach
Triton Right5b 8?Rhossili Beach
The Fin End of the Wedge5c 2059mTrial Wall Area
Wedgling5b *2579mTrial Wall Area
Wedge Dew Bin5b *3139mTrial Wall Area
Atomic Wedgie5b *3019mTrial Wall Area
Blockbuster5b *120?Trial Wall Area
Monica's Dress5c **173?Trial Wall Area
Can't Swallow That5a *195?Trial Wall Area
Down In One5a 1079mTrial Wall Area
Excavation5a *242?Watch House Crag
Tickety-Boo5c *379?Watch House Crag
Nia Miss5c 18?Watch House Crag
The Power Of The Leopard Skin Leg Warmers3c *213?Foxhole
A Leopard Cannot Change His Spots2a 136?Foxhole
Cunning Little Fox5a 225?Foxhole
Never Out-Fox the Fox5a 250?Foxhole
Basil Brush4c *214?Foxhole
Golden Boy5c *17?Bosco's Gulch Area
Golden Hour5c 11?Bosco's Gulch Area
Gilded Cage5b 3?Bosco's Gulch Area
Cheesy Flaps5c 157?Barland Quarry
Telefunken U475b *9818mBarland Quarry
Don't Jis on my Sofa6a+ ***47?• 2Barland Quarry
Sub Prime Market4b 4?Dyffryn
Serendipity5c 49?Dyffryn
Pocket Battleship5c **100?Dyffryn
Dirty Deeds5c *26?Dyffryn
Get Yer Fist In5c 25?Dyffryn
Rotters Club5c 63?Dyffryn
Down the Drain5b 51?Dyffryn
Our Man from Hyder5b 51?Dyffryn
Off to Oz5b 31?Dyffryn
Ed's Triumph5c 64?Dyffryn
Baggle Brook Affair5b *78?Dyffryn
Birthday Bulge5b 2?Dyffryn
Fromage Frais5c *201?Dinas Rock
Pot Head5c 11818mDinas Rock
Smeghead4c *17710mDinas Rock
Bonehead5b 10910mDinas Rock
The First Step To Enlightenment5a 12?Dinas Rock
The Road to Eldorado5a *78?Dinas Rock
Tally Whore5c 3?Treherbert Quarrry...
Rowan Jelly5c *32?Treherbert Quarrry...
Drinks at 'The Dog and Hammer'5c 20?Treherbert Quarrry...
Clock Sucker4c *31?Treherbert Quarrry...
Buster Gonads5c 13?Treherbert Quarrry...
A Fish Called Rhondda5c 19?Treherbert Quarrry...
Crescent Wanker5c 204mTreherbert Quarrry...
OMG She's a Squirter!5c *264mTreherbert Quarrry...
The Day The Drill Conked Out5b 173mTreherbert Quarrry...
The Thin Drum4c 10?Treherbert Quarrry...
Gallow's Step5c 7?Treherbert Quarrry...
String 'Em Up5a 7?Treherbert Quarrry...
Slurp The Savoury Oyster5c 41?Witches Point
Pasty = Man Boobs4a 51?Witches Point
Young, Gifted and Beige4a 24?Witches Point
Fatman and Nob In3c 39?Witches Point
Gay Batman5a 96?Witches Point
Robin's Yoghurt Supper5a 100?Witches Point
Abra-Ker-Fucking-Dabra5c *124?Witches Point
The Bedraggled Trousered Misogynist5c 5?Witches Point
Blow Me, Another One5c *2418mWitches Point
It's all Greek to Me5c 11?Witches Point
One Less for the Spoiler4c 11?Witches Point
Prometheus Bound5c 83mWitches Point
Dodecanese Dalliance5b 63mWitches Point
Quiet Flows The Don5b 9?Witches Point
Sultan's Spring5c 6?Witches Point
Nietzche's Niche5c *21?Witches Point
Cartesian Dualism5b *42?Witches Point
Descartes' Dithers5c *41?Witches Point
Socrates Sucks5c 15?Witches Point
Kant Hooks4c *42?Witches Point
Sartre FliesProject 10?Witches Point
The Carpetbagger4c *29?Witches Point
Fermat's Last Theorem5b *34?Witches Point
Electra's Revenge5c 25?Witches Point
Heading for a Sea of Tears5c 13?Witches Point
Jump on the Gravy Train4c 39?Castle Upon Alun...
Off the Rails4c 65?Castle Upon Alun...
The Fat Controller5c 67?Castle Upon Alun...
Scrape the Bottom of the Barrel5c 45?Castle Upon Alun...
Harris's List4b 3?Castle Upon Alun...
Freempie5c 1220mCastle Upon Alun...
Galena Puts Lead In Your Pencil5c **32?Castle Upon Alun...
Plum Bob5b *27?Castle Upon Alun...
Burton Line5b *14?Castle Upon Alun...
Quadcam of Solace5b *17?Castle Upon Alun...
The Freem Team5b 7?Castle Upon Alun...
Sticky Fingers4c 13?Castle Upon Alun...
Fickle Finger of Fate4c 12?Castle Upon Alun...
Knuckle Down4a 10?Castle Upon Alun...
Finger Flicking Good5c 21?Castle Upon Alun...
Bush Trimmer's Corner5c *1115mCastle Upon Alun...
Kestrel for a Knave4a 23?Gelli
Miss Halfpenny4a 16?Gelli
My Little Pony's on the Job5c *50?Gelli
Hoarse Trader4c 52?Gelli
Marinated Goat Cheese4a 49?Gelli
Squeezing the Curd5a 30?Gelli
Down Under4c *87?Gelli
Working to a Budget4c 18?Gelli
Talking Hoarse5c 2513mGelli
Stubborn as a Mule5a 36?Gelli
Something That Came Up Much Later4a 35?Gelli
Hoarse Breather5c 6?Gelli
Polishing the Turd5a 18?Gelli
Hole in One5c 4?Gelli
Dicky Dyson5c **3818mBlaenllechau
Dust Devil5a 2218mBlaenllechau
Suction Power4a 418mBlaenllechau
Raspberry Ripple4c *5412mBlaenllechau
Ripple Slab3a *4612mBlaenllechau
Fairy Godmother4c *5212mBlaenllechau
Fairy's Liquid4c *5712mBlaenllechau
Fair Enough4c 3212mBlaenllechau
Hands that Do Dishes4c 1412mBlaenllechau
Leaky Ball Cock5a *4112mBlaenllechau
Looking for Leather5b *46?Cwmaman
Instead of This5c 32?Cwmaman
Zoo Time5c *44?Cwmaman
Sam Sparrow5c 1510mCwmaman
Alys Rook5b 15?Cwmaman
Spam Javelin5b 514mCwmaman
Anniversary Walk5c *67?Cwmaman
The Forgotten Route5c 2210mCwmaman
He Sawed5a *66?Mountain Ash
Bring Back the Birch5b 24?Mountain Ash
No Barking up this Tree5b 42?Mountain Ash
Weeping Stump5b *7824mMountain Ash
Constantinople5c 3?Mountain Ash
Helmet Man's Day Off5a 11?Mountain Ash
Ant Frenzy5b 19?Mountain Ash
Homebase5c 17?Mountain Ash
Cymru Euro5a 14?Mountain Ash
Little Polvier5a 8?Mountain Ash
Generation Gap5c *27017mThe Gap
Butt Out5c 4917mThe Gap
Per Rectum5b *1196mThe Gap
Stool Sample5c 676mThe Gap
As It Is5c 1126mThe Gap
Newton's Apple5c *13411mThe Gap
Shorter Life5a 156mThe Gap
Poppin' in the Poop Deck5c *153?Taff's Well
Kiss the Gunner's Daughter5c *180?Taff's Well
Angry Pirate5c *192?Taff's Well
Sharktopus vs Megapotamus4c *182?Taff's Well
Yar!5a 237?Taff's Well
Jurassic Shark5c 170?Taff's Well
Out of the Pit4c 44?Taff's Well
Paul's Penchant for Pretty Pussy Poses Problems for the Prudes4c 45?Taff's Well
Bulbus Tara4b *23535m• 2Taff's Well
Pilgrim4c 12?Taff's Well
Mega Mix5c *204?Taff's Well
Stalag Luft5c *80?Taff's Well
A Ride on the Chocolate Unicorn5c 82?Taff's Well
The Dark Art of Banana Magic4a 67?Taff's Well
R2 Sucking D2 Licking Deep inside a Half-Cooked Chicken4a 65?Taff's Well
For Fonting Friends4a 102?Taff's Well
Dissertation Distraction4a 121?Taff's Well
The Plumb5b **249?Gilwern
Asteroids5a *209?Gilwern
Wayne Fell in Do Do4a 12310mGilwern
Jetison Bilge5a 9110mGilwern
Jug Fest4b *382?Gilwern
Black Tide5b 98?Gilwern
Porcellena5c 57?Gilwern
Pwll Du Crack5c *317?Gilwern
There's No Business Like Flow Business5c *303?Gilwern
Sailing to Freedom5c 47?Gilwern
A Paddock Full of Ponies5c 261?Gilwern
On White Horses5a 87?Gilwern
Crack Me Up4a 388?Gilwern
All Aboard My Dingy4c 307?Gilwern
Rounding the Mark5b 72?Gilwern
White Noise5a *2209mGilwern
Back, Crack and Sack5a *2609mGilwern
Take me up the Hindu Kush5c *1918mGilwern
To Dai or not to Dai5c *2008mGilwern
Brittle Biscuit4c *2788mGilwern
Under a Blood Red Sky5c *2268mGilwern
Shrew5b 603?Tirpentwys
Yank my Chain4b 597?Tirpentwys
Paw Me4c 539?Tirpentwys
By Default Line5b 589?Tirpentwys
Mental Mantles5c *86416mTirpentwys
Ledge and Braces5a 44414mTirpentwys
Crumlin towards England5a 2379mTirpentwys
Bore Hole3c 16?Tyle y Coch
The Ring3c 14?Tyle y Coch
Mal Culo4c 22?Tyle y Coch
Buen Culo4b 21?Tyle y Coch
Suppose a Tree4c 18?Tyle y Coch
Jumping Jack Flash4c 25?Tyle y Coch
Lilly of The Valleys3c 19?Tyle y Coch
Where the Arc is it?5c 508mSirhowy
Temples of Cwmaman5a 58?Sirhowy
Arch of the Last Craven Ant5c 27?Sirhowy
Shale I Compare Thee?5a 5418mSirhowy
Play Dusty for Me5c 45?Sirhowy
Dustin Cough Man5c 45?Sirhowy
Queen Bee5c 1419mSirhowy
Little Queen5c **219?Sirhowy
Drama Queen5c 36?Sirhowy
Buddha's Watching5b 17?Sirhowy
Prison Sex5c 112?Sirhowy
The Outsider5b *8310mSirhowy
MorpheusHVD **147767m• 4Avon Gorge (Sea...
SleepwalkS 4a **114161m• 4Avon Gorge (Sea...
NightmareS 4a **125150m• 3Avon Gorge (Sea...
Idleburger ButtressVD *903?Avon Gorge (Sea...
Dawn WalkS 4a *33865m• 3Avon Gorge (Main...
The ArêteVD 4a **139340m• 3Avon Gorge (Main...
Bob's ClimbVD **67642m• 2Avon Gorge (Main...
Direct RouteS 4a *81627mAvon Gorge (Main...
Original RouteD 47133mAvon Gorge (Main...
Cheeky ArêteS 612mTyle y Coch
Half Pint - Full PintHS 4a 2?Blaenllechau
Mr FarthingS 2?Gelli
Lemming WayS *27715mSt. Govan's Head
CenturionS 4b *40621mSt. Govan's Head
Infra RedS *52324mSaddle Head
WetstoneS 4b *64324mSaddle Head
UrchinS 4a *68924mSaddle Head
Flake-QuakeS 4a *100824mSaddle Head
101S 4a *9525mSaddle Head
Frome the Sausage TollsS 4a *1339mFlimston Bay
Brass in PocketS 4a *22639mFlimston Bay
Fantastic FourS **5036mFlimston Bay
Black CornerS 4a 115mSt. Non's Bay
Versary SlabS 4a 18921mSt. Non's Bay
Vanishing CrackS 4a *13324mSt. Non's Bay
ForbeeornotforbeeS 4a 924mSt. Non's Bay
Slab RecessS 4a *36921mPorthclais Area
Diagonal CrackS 4a **86421mPorthclais Area
InsetS 4a *15518mPorthclais Area
Red AdairS 4a *41815mPorthclais Area
Red WallS 4a **146321mPorthclais Area
Crack 1S 4a **249?Barmouth Slabs
Main SlabS 4a **267?Barmouth Slabs
Table DirectVD ***624?Cadair Idris -...
Will o' the WispHVD ***35095m• 6Craig Cywarch (aka...
Cyfrwy Arete (Summer)D ***621?Cadair Idris -...
Scrattling CrackVD **395?Baggy Point
MoonshotD *219?Baggy Point
Shangri-LaS 4a ***116945mBaggy Point
BenS 4a ***1218?Baggy Point
In Her EyesS 4a *73030mBaggy Point
Sacre CoeurE2 5c ***449?Blackchurch
Great WesternVS 5a ***55743m• 4Chudleigh Rocks -...
Jollies RouteHVD ***112240m• 3Chudleigh Rocks -...
Barn Owl CrackHVD **641?Chudleigh Rocks -...
Ash Tree ButtressVD *13516mChudleigh Rocks -...
SalomeS 4a *69416mChudleigh Rocks -...
Green MantleD **39133m• 2Chudleigh Rocks -...
The ViceVD **54722mHound Tor
PulpitHVD *788?Hound Tor
DevonleighHVD **68818mHound Tor
PaddyM **805?Hound Tor
Liars DiceS *12168mHound Tor
Liar's AreteVD 1266mHound Tor
Honeymoon CornerS 4a *55920mHaytor
Raven GullyS **127727m• 3Haytor
Zig-ZagVD **151015mHaytor
Bulging WallVD **153615mHaytor
AthosVD *87310mHaytor
Bridle Piton SlabD *35513mHaytor
Central ButtressHVD *24512mBench Tor
Oak Tree Zig ZagVD **223?Bench Tor
Crack & ChimneyS 4a **974?Sheeps Tor
Slab RouteD **921?Sheeps Tor
Slanting CrackS 4a 690?Sheeps Tor
Omega CrackHVD *747?Sheeps Tor
Overhang CrackS 4a *762?Sheeps Tor
DandelionS 4a *811?Sheeps Tor
Barking CrackHVD *780?Sheeps Tor
Sheltered CrackD 873?Sheeps Tor
Pinnacle ButtressVD **775?The Dewerstone
Mucky GullyD **1531?The Dewerstone
Reverse CleftS 4a *629?The Dewerstone
Colonel's AreteVD **1446?• 4The Dewerstone
Route BHVD **1015?The Dewerstone
Needle AreteVD **1003?• 3The Dewerstone
Raven FaceVD *231?The Dewerstone
The Long Traverse4c S1 **332110mSanctuary Wall
Plimsoll LineS *339140mPlimsoll Line Cliff
Magical Mystery TourE1 5b ***691335mBerry Head - The...
Rainbow BridgeE4 6b ***365280mBerry Head - The...
Tregagle's CrackS 4a *6448mRoche Rock
Corner & StaircaseD *75513mRoche Rock
South East ButtressVD **38018mRoche Rock
Rake's ProgressVD **14456m• 4Chair Ladder
Red WallS 4a **22354m• 4Chair Ladder
Pendulum ChimneyS 4b ***77359m• 5Chair Ladder
Bilson's Fowl PlayVD 5015mPen Olver
Ocean of TearsD *3125mPen Olver
Great SlantingVD *17715mPen Olver
SaltheartS 4a *13215mPen Olver
Mile EndM *14815mPen Olver
Blind PewVD **22625mPen Olver
A Little GemmaD *8420mPen Olver
Love Is BlindVD *10015mPen Olver
Right AngleHS 4b ***76273m• 3Gurnard's Head
Astral StrollE1 5b ***26888m• 4Zawn Duel and Carn...
Bosigran Ridge a.k.a Commando RidgeVD ***2676161m• 8Bosigran Ridge Area
Ochre Slab Route IIS 4a **89132m• 2Bosigran
Black SlabD **107243m• 2Bosigran
DongS 4b *57039m• 3Bosigran
DoorwayS 4a **160660m• 3Bosigran
Ledge ClimbHVD ***128873m• 3Bosigran
AndrewS 4a **104952m• 4Bosigran
Big TopVD *109225mBosigran
OreadHVD **105533mBosigran
In-BetweenVD **124233mBosigran
KateVD *79433mBosigran
Alison RibD ***302759m• 3Bosigran
Intermediate RouteHVD *93019m• 2Sennen
Corner ClimbVD **159920mSennen
Banana FlakeVD **138722m• 2Sennen
Main Face ClimbD *61723m• 2Sennen
Black SlabVD *68224m• 2Sennen
No NameHVD **55720mSennen
StaircaseD **133218mSennen
Sinner's RouteD *45824m• 2Sennen
Junior's RouteD *51420mSennen
Senior's RouteD **72520mSennen
Cormorant SlabS 4a *3825mLands End
Johnstone's RouteS 4a *2528m• 2Lands End
Land's End Long ClimbVD ***98985m• 8Lands End
Economist's ClimbVD *14660m• 4Pordenack Point Area
Wrist ClimbHVD *7953m• 2Pordenack Point Area
Socket WallS 4b *28315mCarn Barra
Sleazy CornerVD *9917mCarn Barra
Peel CrackHVD **33115mCarn Barra
Dowser's Route/Porthgwarra FaceVD ***19542m• 3Porthgwarra...
Porthgwarra ChimneyS 4a **11734mPorthgwarra...
Helluva SlabS 4a **23743m• 3Porthgwarra...
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