Pleasure Dome E3
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Pemroke, 3 Star Routes, E1-E5 ticklist

contributed by Mackinclimb Jul/19

All the 3 star e1-e5's!

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Note: Only showing summits, scrambles, winter routes, and low grade climbs

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Cave HeartE3 5b ***-77m• 4Mount Sion West
Twisting by the PoolE3 5c ***145m• 2Mount Sion East
Air RaidE4 6a ***-39m• 2Mount Sion East
Tasmanian DevilE5 6a ***2130mGreenham Common
Nothing VenturedE5 6a **154m• 2Stack Rocks Area
AretticaE5 6a **1350mStack Rocks Area
Jawohl Mein F├╝hrerE5 **233mThe Cauldron
Sieg Heil!E5 6a **633mThe Cauldron
WallbangerE4 5c ***5042m• 2Crystal Slabs Area
RollerwallE3 5c ***3345m• 2Crystal Slabs Area
Surprise AttackE1 5c ***21347m• 2Mewsford Point
DaydreamsE2 5b ***18950m• 3Mewsford Point
ChimnasticsE1 5b ***843m• 2Mewsford Arches
Underneath the ArchesE2 5c ***-240m• 10Mewsford Arches
BeachcomberE4 6a ***239mTriple Overhang...
Out for the CountE4 6a ***10523mThe Castle
Under the InfluenceE4 6a ***14923mThe Castle
Downward BoundE4 6a ***12527mThe Castle
Heat of the MomentE5 6b ***1827mThe Castle
Wishful ThinkingE1 5b ***14727mThe Castle
Lucky StrikeE1 5b ***54739mRusty Walls
Circus CircusE5 6a ***4739mRusty Walls
Bon VoyageE2 5b ***11242mMisty Walls
Play Misty for MeE3 5c ***4039mMisty Walls
JabberwockE5 6a ***2839mHollow Caves Bay
Gravy TrainE3 5c ***2733mHollow Caves Bay
Galactic GloryE1 5b ***4220mHollow Caves Bay
Ghost ShipE3 5c ***15045mBosherston Head
KeelhaulE2 5c ***40830mBosherston Head
Luke SkywalkerE5 6b ***3036mBosherston Head
Star WarsE4 5c ***28739mBosherston Head
Preposterous TalesE2 5b ***24850m• 3Bosherston Head
WoefulE5 6b ***245m• 2Huntsman's Leap
Darkness at NoonE5 6a ***6535m• 2Huntsman's Leap
Witch HuntE4 6b ***12245m• 2Huntsman's Leap
The MinotaurE5 6a ***237?Huntsman's Leap
Bloody SundayE4 6a ***599?Huntsman's Leap
Just Another Day/Scorch the EarthE5 6a ***23339mHuntsman's Leap
The Honey MonsterE2 5b ***12755mHuntsman's Leap
Meet the Monster TonightE4 6a ***2445m• 2Huntsman's Leap
ManzokuE1 5b ***142836mStennis Head
Cool for CatsE1 5b ***118936mStennis Head
Pleasure DomeE3 5c ***44445mStennis Head
Grey English MorningE5 6a ***2230mStennis Head
Trevallen PillarE4 6a ***22245m• 2Trevallen Cliff
Rock around the BlockE3 5c ***1478m• 3Trevallen Cliff
SunloverE3 5c ***44730mTrevallen Cliff
Yellow PearlsE5 6b ***8630mTrevallen Cliff
BarbarellaE5 6a ***16030mTrevallen Cliff
The ScoopE3 5c ***1824mPenally West
Magic FluteE1 5b ***8724mPenally West
White HeatE5 6b ***7827mLydstep Point Area
AmazonE3 5c ***2227mLydstep Point Area
Beat SurrenderE5 6b ***3322mMother Carey's...
Alien World DirectE4 6a ***-50mMother Carey's...
Alien WorldE3 5c ***852m• 5Mother Carey's...
ZeppelinE3 5c ***34535m• 2Mother Carey's...
Rock IdolE1 5a ***103145mMother Carey's...
The Strait GateE1 5b ***66245mMother Carey's...
Brazen ButtressE2 5b ***77436mMother Carey's...
Deep SpaceE2 5b ***28540m• 2Mother Carey's...
Space OdysseyE2 5b ***295m• 6Mother Carey's...
Star GateE3 5c ***24939mMother Carey's...
HyperspaceE4 6a ***1545m• 3Mother Carey's...
Just KlingonE5 6a ***8951mMother Carey's...
Mother NightE4 6a ***5230m• 2Mother Carey's...
Tiger TigerE5 6b ***451mMother Carey's...
PanE4 6a ***7440mLydstep Cavern Bay
Class of '86E5 6b ***2140mLydstep Cavern Bay
Zip-ZakE4 6a ***2545mLydstep Cavern Bay
Hungry HeartE5 6b ***730mSkrinkle Haven
GorakE5 6b ***133mSkrinkle Haven
ImmortalityE5 6b ***342mStackpole Head
Heaven's DoorE3 5c ***9635m• 2Stackpole Head
SwordfishE3 5c ***8639mStackpole Head
Plane SailingE3 5c ***10130m• 6Stackpole Head
Silver ShadowE2 5b ***11539mStackpole Head
PuritanE2 5c ***5536mStackpole Head
Adam AdamantE5 6b ***-30m• 2Stackpole Head
Sweet Smell of SucessE5 6b ***-39mStackpole Head
Heart of Darkness/New MorningE1 5b ***34754m• 2Mowing Word
Chimes of FreedomE2 5b ***31942mMowing Word
SealhuntE1 5b ***34836mMowing Word
Ships That Crash in the NightE3 5b ***348m• 2Mowing Word
Charenton CrackE2 5b ***14824mMowing Word
Double Glazing SalesmanE5 6b ***827mGun Cliff
Zero She FliesE4 6a ***1439m• 2Raming Hole Area
Fickle HeartE3 5c ***-40mRaming Hole Area
Coloured Skins and NationsE5 6b ***336mRaming Hole Area
Maybe It Was You!E4 6a ***178m• 3Raming Hole Area
The Bullets and the HatredE5 6b ***136mRaming Hole Area
SplendourE3 5c ***933mSaddle Bay
Well HungE3 5c ***-36m• 2Linney Head Area
TrojanE3 5c ***-36m• 2Linney Head Area
Rainbow WarriorsE2 5b ***1127mLinney Head Area
IcarusE4 5c ***233m• 2Linney Head Area
TombstoneE4 6a ***260m• 3Linney Head Area
Wrought IronE4 5c ***224mIron Age Fort
Iron FistE1 5b **2024mIron Age Fort
The Ducking StoolE5 6a ***345m• 2Huntsman's Leap
Ghost TrainE6 6b ***6542mStennis Ford
The Fascist and MeE4 6a ***13640m• 2Trevallen Cliff
Ships that Pass in the NightE5 6a ***10845m• 2Trevallen Cliff
The ButcherE3 5c ***100924mSt. Govan's Head
John WayneE5 6a ***14233mSt. Govan's Head
Test CaseE3 5c ***47542mSt. Govan's Head
Space CadetE3 5c ***49942mSt. Govan's Head
DerangedE2 5b ***81136mSt. Govan's Head
Get Some InE5 6a ***23130mSt. Govan's Head
The ArrowE1 5b ***177539mSt. Govan's Head
Tangerine DreamE4 6a ***28436mSt. Govan's Head
Brave New WorldE4 6a ***12636mSt. Govan's East
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