Crowden Clough main pitch - 3rd March 2018
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Peak District Winter Climbs ticklist

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A working list of Peak District winter climbs

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Note: Only showing summits, scrambles, winter routes, and low grade climbs

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Downfall ClimbII/III **21240mKinder Downfall
The DirectIV **5130mKinder Downfall
Central DirectIII *7740m• 2Kinder Downfall
Right CornerIV 4 2?Kinder Downfall
Right Wall RouteVI 6 1?Kinder Downfall
Mermaid Gully (Winter)I 2?Kinder Downfall
Square Chimney (Winter)III *10?Kinder Downfall
Red Brook (Winter)I **31?Kinder Downfall
Arpeggio Gully (Winter)II/III **1490mKinder Downfall
East BerlinIII 3 **340mWinnats Pass
Elbow RidgeIII ***34?• 3Winnats Pass
Matterhorn RidgeIII **12?• 2Winnats Pass
Road Closed RidgeII/III 590m• 3Winnats Pass
Winnats Head ButtressII 825mWinnats Pass
Matterhorn GullyI/II **3?Winnats Pass
Speedwell RidgeIII 550mWinnats Pass
Pinnacle GullyI 12?Winnats Pass
Icicle Repair Man (also known as COVID Wall)IV 4 **1220mEldon Hill Quarry
Silver Lining pitch 1V 5 ***520mEldon Hill Quarry
Silver Lining pitch 2 IV 4 ***520mEldon Hill Quarry
Winter Bug Vaccine IV 4 **510mEldon Hill Quarry
Main FallIII *1615mWaterfall Farm...
Right WallV 1715mWaterfall Farm...
Priestcliffe IcicleVI **525mPriestcliffe Quarry
Alport Castles Tower (winter)I *4?Alport Castles
Alport Castles GullyI/II *4?Alport Castles
Talk 'n' Turf.IV 5 *150m• 2Alport Castles
Spare Rib (Winter)I/II 3150mMam Tor
Mam Tor Gully (Winter)I *19570m• 2Mam Tor
Mam Tor Gully DirectII 2370m• 2Mam Tor
Mam Tor Gully - The True FinishIV 170mMam Tor
Mam Tor Gully - The Wall FinishIII 370mMam Tor
The Sisters of Mercy (Winter)I/II 19?Mam Tor
Blue John RibIII **2270mMam Tor
Central RouteIV *1470m• 3Mam Tor
Castles in the SkyIV *370mMam Tor
The Dark SideIV *170mMam Tor
Hari KariIV 270mMam Tor
Broad RibIV 165mMam Tor
O'Neal's LedgeII 670mMam Tor
The Weetabix TreadmillIII 1555mMam Tor
Shining Clough IcefallII *715mShining Clough
Shining Clough (Winter)III **51100mShining Clough
The Big Wall GullyII 1215mShining Clough
Rimmon Pit CloughI 2?Standing Stones
Holme CloughI -?Standing Stones
Birchen Clough (Winter)I -?The Ravenstones
Charnel Clough (Winter)I *7120mDovestones Skyline
Chew Brook (Winter)I 160mWilderness Rocks
Wilderness Gully Far Far Far East (Winter)I 145mWilderness Rocks
Wilderness Gully Far Far East (Winter)I/II 160mWilderness Rocks
Wilderness Gully Far East (Winter)I/II 175mWilderness Rocks
Wilderness Gully East (Winter)II ***162150mWilderness Rocks
Wilderness Gully West (Winter)I *53130mWilderness Rocks
Oaken Clough (winter)II **-?Oaken Clough
Deer Knowl (Winter)II *640mDeer Knowl
Wildboar Clough (Winter)II/III *147?Rollick Stones
Lawrence Edge No 1 (Winter)I 3?Rollick Stones
Lawrence Edge No 2 (Winter)I 1?Rollick Stones
Torside Clough (Winter)I 4?Torside Clough
Torside Gully (Winter)II **4?Torside Clough
Yellowslacks Brook (Winter)I 1?Yellowslacks
Ashton Clough (Winter)I 1?Lower Shelf Stones
A Shot in the ArmIV 5 150m• 2Alport Castles
Not as Cold as the VaccineIV 5 135mAlport Castles
It’ll End in TiersIV 5 *-40m• 2Alport Castles
Pick n' MixIV 5 130mAlport Castles
Cavern Climb (Winter)II -18mKinder Northern...
Blackden Brook (Winter)I 7?Kinder Northern...
Blackden Brook Left-hand (Winter)I *4?Kinder Northern...
Gate Side Clough (Winter)II 1?Kinder Northern...
Fair Brook (Winter)I 6?Kinder Northern...
Stile Clough (Winter)I/II 280mKinder Northern...
Fair Brook Gully (Winter)I 4?Kinder Northern...
Urchin Clough (Summer)Grade-1 480mKinder Northern...
Nether Red Brook (Winter)I 11140mKinder Northern...
Nether Red Brook - Lower Right Branch (Winter)III 360mKinder Northern...
Nether Red Brook - Upper Right Branch (Winter)I/II 250mKinder Northern...
Upper Red Brook (Winter)I/II 590mKinder Northern...
Far Upper Red Brook (Winter)I 2?Kinder Northern...
Pencil Slim (Winter)II 1?Kinder Southern...
Straight Crack (Winter)II/III 3?Kinder Southern...
Grassy Cleft (Winter)II 110mKinder Southern...
Left-hand Tributary (Winter)II *520m• 2Kinder Southern...
Grindsbrook Clough (Winter)I/II *18?Kinder Southern...
Grindsbrook CornerII/III 1?Kinder Southern...
The Cloughs (Winter)I 1?Kinder Southern...
Crowden Clough (Winter)II **84?Kinder Southern...
Crowden Clough Right Hand Finish (winter)II 2?Kinder Southern...
Ringing Roger (Winter)I/II 5?Kinder Southern...
Back Tor RidgeII/III *1880m• 2Back Tor (Edale)
Back Tor Gully (Winter)II/III 9540mBack Tor (Edale)
Bucket FeetIII 4 *350mBack Tor (Edale)
Back Tor Face (Zigzag Route)III 4 3560mBack Tor (Edale)
Back Tor Face DirectVI 5 160mBack Tor (Edale)
Back Tor Girdle IV **1?Back Tor (Edale)
Parkhouse Hill (winter)I 4?Parkhouse Hill
Chrome Hill Ridge (winter)I 5?Chrome Hill
Chrome Hill Southwest Ridge (Winter)III 3 **175m• 2Chrome Hill
Central wall WI-6 5?Waterfall Farm...
Left WallM6 1?Waterfall Farm...
Blanco Direct (Winter)V 5 **-40mDovestones Quarry
Teetering GrooveVI 7 **-40mDovestones Quarry
Evans AboveIII 445mDovestones Quarry
Central Gully (Winter)I/II 16100mDovestones Quarry
Tup TupIV 5 *-40mDovestones Quarry
SkiveIV *240m• 2Dovestones Quarry
StickyIII 4 -40mDovestones Quarry
Tony's SoloIV 3 **250m• 2Dovestones Quarry
Epitaph Corner (Winter)IV 5 *745m• 2Dovestones Quarry
Waterfall Direct (Winter)IV 4 ***645m• 2Dovestones Quarry
A-lu-te (Winter)VI 5 **-45m• 2Dovestones Quarry
Waterfall Climb (Winter)IV 4 **545m• 2Dovestones Quarry
Pinnacle CracksVI 6 *260m• 2Dovestones Quarry
Mike's Meander (Winter)V 5 **155m• 3Dovestones Quarry
The Green ManVI 7 *255m• 2Dovestones Quarry
Initiation Groove (Winter)V 6 ***660mDovestones Quarry
Tortoise and the HareV 6 **265m• 3Dovestones Quarry
Brown Route (Winter)V 5 *-60m• 2Dovestones Quarry
TrollenburgedIV 4 **-40m• 2Dovestones Quarry
Bingo-Master's BreakoutV 6 **130mDovestones Quarry
Central Quarry TraverseV 6 ***-160m• 5Dovestones Quarry
The Scouse Adventurer’s Enticing Instagram FeedVI 6 *145m• 2Dovestones Quarry
Chockstone GullyI/II 1?Dovestones Edge
Dove Stone CloughGrade-1 2?Dovestones Edge
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