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contributed by kirstypallas Aug/18

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Cioch Super Direct/CornerHVS 5a **20160m• 3Sgurr a' Chaorachain
Cioch Nose Direct StartHS 4b **1650m• 2Sgurr a' Chaorachain
Cioch NoseVD ***791200m• 7Sgurr a' Chaorachain
Sword of GideonVS 4c **368125m• 4Sgurr a' Chaorachain
Bumbly OneS *44?Sgurr a' Chaorachain
BumblytwoVS 4b *41140m• 5Sgurr a' Chaorachain
Central Buttress (Summer)VS ***114280m• 8Beinn Eighe
Patey's Direct Route (Summer)HS 4b ***-105mBeinn Eighe
Dire WallE2 5b ***4945mDiabaig
The PillarE2 5b ***48235mDiabaig
Dire StraightsE2 5b ***5750mDiabaig
Route TwoHVS 5a ***61470m• 2Diabaig
Northumberland WallE2 5c ***23470m• 2Diabaig
The Black StreakE1 5c ***38670m• 2Diabaig
Charlie's TowerHS 4b **4860m• 2Diabaig
Open SecretHS 4b ***31935mStone Valley Crags
Bald EagleHVS 5a ***24835mStone Valley Crags
Touch and GoVS 4c **14723mStone Valley Crags
Gravity's RainbowE1 5b ***12925mArdmair Crags
MoondanceVS 4c *9420mArdmair Crags
SculptressHVS 5a **136?Ardmair Crags
Unleash The BeastE4 6a ***4825mArdmair Crags
Acrimonious AcrobatE1 5a ***16320mArdmair Crags
Terrace CrackVS 4c **125?Ardmair Crags
SkeletonsE2 5c ***65?Ardmair Crags
Burning DesireE5 6b ***25?Ardmair Crags
Space MonkeyE2 5c ***60?Ardmair Crags
Town Without PityE2 5c ***8325mArdmair Crags
November GrooveVS 4c **139?Stac Pollaidh
Jack the RipperE1 5b ***26980m• 3Stac Pollaidh
Release the BatsVS 4b **32130m• 6Stac Pollaidh
Bats in the BelfryVS 4c *250m• 2Stac Pollaidh
Vlad the ImpalerHVS 5a **15875m• 2Stac Pollaidh
Summer Isles Arête DirectVS 4c **49105m• 5Stac Pollaidh
Direct Nose Route (Summer)HVS 5a **88226m• 9Sgurr an Fhidhleir
SidelineVS 4c **163?Sheigra Sea Cliffs
Crackin' CornerVS 4c ***138?Sheigra Sea Cliffs
JuggernautE1 5a ***18825mSheigra Sea Cliffs
Bloodlust Variation (aka Juglust)HVS 5a ***139?Sheigra Sea Cliffs
BloodlustE1 5b **68?Sheigra Sea Cliffs
Bloodlust DirectE2 5b ***18515mSheigra Sea Cliffs
May TripperE1 5b ***88?Sheigra Sea Cliffs
WanderingsE2 5b ***7535mSheigra Sea Cliffs
Dreams by the SeaE2 5c ***17?Sheigra Sea Cliffs
The Dark FlushE2 5b ***745mSheigra Sea Cliffs
GeriatricsE2 5b ***94?Sheigra Sea Cliffs
PresumptionE1 5b ***8840mSheigra Sea Cliffs
ExorcistE2 5b ***6540mSheigra Sea Cliffs
Shark CrackHS 4b ***87?Sheigra Sea Cliffs
Dolphins and WhalesE4 6a ***5030mSheigra Sea Cliffs
The NookVS 4c ***6725mSheigra Sea Cliffs
Tall PallS ***110?Sheigra Sea Cliffs
Plumb McNumbVS 4b **33?Sheigra Sea Cliffs
Slim JimVS 4c **3630mSheigra Sea Cliffs
Billy BonesVS 4b **-55mSheigra Sea Cliffs
Master of MorganaHVS 5b **31?Rubha Hunish
The Knowledge/The ScoopVS 5a **18?Rubha Hunish
SpantasticHVS 4c 113?Flodigarry
Lucy In The SkyHVS 5a ***65?Flodigarry
Captain MainwaringVS 4c 450m• 2Flodigarry
Raining MenVS 4c **11?Flodigarry
Singing In The RainHVS 4c -45mFlodigarry
LipstickVS 4c *140mFlodigarry
Buoy RacerVS 4c *13?Flodigarry
Return Of The StoneHS 4b **3250m• 2Staffin Slips
Shangri-LaVS 4c ***68?Sron na Ciche
IntegrityVS 4c ***66576m• 2Sron na Ciche
Crack of Double DoomVS 4b ***18?Sron na Ciche
Trap Face Route DirectVS 4c **11300m• 12Sron na Ciche
Commando CrackHS ***67105m• 6Sgùrr Alasdair
Grand DiedreVS 4c ***48?Thearlaich-Dubh...
Fionn ButtressVS 4c ***115240m• 11Carnmore Crag
Black MischiefVS 4c **22130m• 4Carnmore Crag
GobHVS 4c ***129105m• 4Carnmore Crag
DragonE1 5b ***89105m• 4Carnmore Crag
Landward FaceVS 4c ***10050m• 3Am Buachaille
Diamond Face RouteE1 5b ***104?Old Man of Stoer
Olden GloryVS 4c **1882m• 3Carn Goraig
Sleeping BeautyVS 4c **2110m• 4Carnan Ban
Munroist's RewardVS 4c **190m• 2Lurg Mhor
The Magic CrackHVS 5a ***417?Cairn Gorm - Stob...
No Blue SkiesVS 4c *45105m• 3Cairn Gorm - Stob...
The Talisman (Summer)HS 4a ***275100mBen Macdui -...
Dijbangi (Summer)VS 4c **25140m• 5Ben Macdui -...
The Dagger (Summer)VS 4c **40130m• 4Ben Macdui -...
Scabbard (Summer)VS 4c ***121105m• 3Ben Macdui -...
The Mousetrap (Summer)VS 4c ***171?Broad Cairn - Creag...
Black MambaVS 4c **88?Broad Cairn - Creag...
King RatE1 5c ***112?Broad Cairn - Creag...
SalamanderHVS 5a ***157?Creag Ghlas
Glass SlipperVS 4c *3355mCreag Ghlas
SquarefaceVD ***359?Beinn a' Bhuird -...
Cumming-Crofton Route (Summer)S ***169?Beinn a' Bhuird -...
The Clean SweepVS 4c ***313185m• 4Hell's Lum
Hell's LumpVS 4c **51?Hell's Lum
Hell Fire CornerVS 4b *12?Hell's Lum
SalamanderHVS 5a ***24?Hell's Lum
Laugh NotHVS 5b ***589?White Ghyll
Waste Not, Want KnotE1 5b ***24132mWhite Ghyll
Slip KnotVS 4b ***133144m• 2White Ghyll
Moss WallVS 4c **375?White Ghyll
White Ghyll WallVS 4c ***594?White Ghyll
The Gordian KnotVS 4c ***727?White Ghyll
Haste NotVS 4c ***671?White Ghyll
What NotVS 4c **16?White Ghyll
ArcturusE1 5b ***414?Pavey Ark
CapellaE1 5b ***603?Pavey Ark
The Bracken-ClockE2 5c ***272?• 5Pavey Ark
Rake End WallVS 4c ***522?Pavey Ark
Rectangular SlabVS 4c *61?Pavey Ark
CoatiVS 4b **18961m• 3Pavey Ark
Golden SlipperHVS 5a ***884?Pavey Ark
CascadeHVS 5a **110?Pavey Ark
MendesVS 4c **779?• 3Raven Crag...
Holly Tree DirectHVS 5a **846?Raven Crag...
PlutoHVS 5a ***978?• 3Raven Crag...
Bilberry ButtressVS 4c ***148876m• 3Raven Crag...
The Purple EdgeVS 4c **7248mGimmer Crag
Bracket and Slab ClimbVS 4b ***114697m• 5Gimmer Crag
Bracket and Slab Climb Direct startVS 4b 346?Gimmer Crag
'B' RouteVS 5a **310?Gimmer Crag
'A' RouteS 4a ***362?Gimmer Crag
'C' RouteS 4b ***746?Gimmer Crag
Whit's End DirectE1 5b ***634?Gimmer Crag
'F' RouteVS 4c ***979?Gimmer Crag
Kipling GrooveHVS 5a ***1012?Gimmer Crag
Ash Tree SlabsVD ***1330?Gimmer Crag
North West AreteVS 4b ***1048?Gimmer Crag
AsteriskVS 4b ***602?Gimmer Crag
Gimmer StringE1 5b ***372?Gimmer Crag
The CrackVS 4c ***1003?Gimmer Crag
DetourVS 4c **65?Gimmer Crag
Sword of DamoclesE1 5b **48?North...
The Central RouteVS 4c **48?Bowfell
Woolly JumperE1 5b ***63?Bowfell
Eliminate 'A'VS 4c ***1089?• 6Dow Crag
NimrodE1 5c ***328?Dow Crag
Murray's DirectVS 4c ***536?Dow Crag
Eliminate 'C'VS 4c **160?Dow Crag
Great Central RouteHVS 5b ***70?Dow Crag
The Red EdgeE1 5a ***27360m• 2Esk Buttress (Dow...
Square Chimney/Medusa Wall CombinationVS 4c ***148?Esk Buttress (Dow...
Central PillarE2 5b ***369?• 6Esk Buttress (Dow...
Bridge's RouteHS 4b ***287?Esk Buttress (Dow...
Trespasser GrooveE1 5a ***150?Esk Buttress (Dow...
Botterill's SlabVS 4c ***61987m• 3Scafell Crag
Central ButtressE1 5b ***504122m• 6Scafell Crag
Moss Ghyll GroovesVS 4c ***50279m• 4Scafell Crag
Slab and Groove RouteHVS 4c **6472m• 2Scafell Crag
Moss Ledge Direct and Jones' AreteVS 4c ***154?Scafell Crag
Mickledore GroovesVS 5a ***27067m• 2Scafell East...
The CentaurHVS 5a ***132?Scafell East...
Great Eastern RouteVS 4c **93?Scafell East...
Hell's GrooveE1 5b **68?Scafell East...
TrinityHVS 5a **3867m• 3Scafell East...
The SentinelVS 4c **26?Pikes Crag
Tophet WallHS 4b ***103175m• 4The Napes
Needle RidgeVD ***1262114m• 5The Napes
InterceptorVS 4c *1665m• 3Gable Crag
Engineer's SlabsVS 4c ***33560m• 2Gable Crag
ThanatosHVS 5b ***56?• 3Pillar
Grooved WallVS 5a **70?Pillar
MegatonE1 5a ***53?Pillar
Goodbye to All ThatE1 5b **13124m• 5Pillar
The Appian WayHS 4b **44?Pillar
GomorrahVS 4c **23?Pillar
VandalHVS 5a **32?Pillar
Rib and Slab ClimbHS 4b ***258?Pillar
CleopatraHVS 5a **215?Buckstone How
Sinister GroovesVS 4c ***300?Buckstone How
High Crag ButtressHVS 5a ***181?High Crag
DelilahVS 4c ***289?High Crag
Easter ButtressVS 4c **8?Eagle Crag...
Eagle FrontVS 4c ***252150m• 8Eagle Crag...
BrandywineVS 4c **2360m• 2Grey Buttress,...
The ShroudVS 4c **576?Black Crag...
Troutdale Pinnacle DirectVS 4c ***585?Black Crag...
Troutdale Pinnacle SuperdirectHVS 5a ***721?Black Crag...
The MorticianHVS 5a ***523?Black Crag...
RaindropE1 5b ***727?• 4Black Crag...
EquinoxVS 4c **2648?Bus Stop Quarry
SolsticeHVS 5a **2149?Bus Stop Quarry
Goose CreatureE3 6a **913?Australia
SeamstressVS 4c **3249?Serengeti
Californian AreteE1 4c ***21746mCalifornia
Last Tango in ParisE2 5b ***101045mVivian Quarry
Comes the DervishE3 5c ***118740mVivian Quarry
German SchoolgirlE2 5c ***82822mRainbow Slab Area
Pull My DaisyE2 5c ***905?Rainbow Slab Area
Phantom RibVS 4c **145474m• 5Clogwyn y Grochan
NeaVS 4b **168375m• 4Clogwyn y Grochan
SpectreHVS 5a ***1069?Clogwyn y Grochan
BrantVS 4c **890120m• 4Clogwyn y Grochan
Brant DirectHVS 5a ***1524?Clogwyn y Grochan
Stroll OnE3 6a ***399?Clogwyn y Grochan
Crackstone RibS 4a ***300255m• 3Carreg Wastad
Shadow WallVS 4c ***120745m• 2Carreg Wastad
Dives/Better ThingsVS 4b ***126260m• 2Dinas Cromlech
Sabre CutVS 4c ***137855m• 2Dinas Cromlech
Noah's WarningVS 5a ***794?Dinas Cromlech
Left WallE2 5c ***152938mDinas Cromlech
Cenotaph CornerE1 5c ***1790?Dinas Cromlech
Cemetery GatesE1 5b ***225452m• 2Dinas Cromlech
The CracksHS 4c ***192090m• 6Dinas Mot
Super DirectE1 5b ***107975m• 3Dinas Mot
Direct RouteVS 5b ***146674m• 4Dinas Mot
LorraineVS 4c **65579m• 5Dinas Mot
DiagonalHVS 5a ***127778m• 4Dinas Mot
Western SlabsVS 4c **124360m• 3Dinas Mot
NexusE1 5b ***433?Dinas Mot
Ten Degrees NorthE2 5c ***265?Dinas Mot
Gambit ClimbS ***46499m• 5Clogwyn y Ddysgl
The RingVS 4c *10?Clogwyn y Ddysgl
Main WallHS 4b ***1324140m• 6Cyrn Las (Gyrn Las)
The GroovesE1 5b ***622116m• 3Cyrn Las (Gyrn Las)
Gallop StepHVS 5a **124?Clogwyn y Bustach
Belle Vue BastionVS 4c **46648m• 2Tryfan
Kirkus's RouteVS 4c **451?Craig Yr Ogof (Cwm...
Direct RouteVS 4c ***62688m• 7Glyder Fach
Tennis ShoeHS 4b ***2846137m• 5Idwal Slabs (aka...
Mur y NiwlVS 4c ***383?Craig Yr Ysfa
The GrooveE1 5b ***199?Llech Ddu (Black...
Creagh Dhu WallHS 4b ***158065m• 2Craig y Castell...
The WaspE2 5c ***207?Craig y Castell...
MensorVS 4c **29845m• 2Craig y Castell...
Olympic SlabVS 4c **268?Craig Pant Ifan...
Silly AreteE3 5c ***424?Craig Pant Ifan...
ScratchVS 4c **1268?Craig Pant Ifan...
BarbarianE1 5b ***807?Craig Pant Ifan...
FingerlickerE4 6a ***154?Craig Pant Ifan...
VulcanE4 6a ***185?Craig Pant Ifan...
AlcatrazVS 4c **147?Craig Pant Ifan...
The PlumE1 5b ***1528?Craig Bwlch y Moch...
The FangHVS 5a ***1325?• 2Craig Bwlch y Moch...
VectorE2 5c ***1241?Craig Bwlch y Moch...
Merlin DirectHVS 5a ***202550m• 2Craig Bwlch y Moch...
YogiVS 4b **1513?Craig Bwlch y Moch...
A Dream of White HorsesHVS 4c ***2386?• 4Gogarth North Stack...
FlytrapE2 5b ***8782m• 4Gogarth North Stack...
BritomartisHVS 4c ***950?Gogarth North Stack...
WenHVS 5a **684?Gogarth North Stack...
The Concrete DreamHVS 5b ***90?Gogarth North Stack...
Big GutVS 4c *49?Gogarth North Stack...
HombreE1 5b ***186?Gogarth North Stack...
ScavengerHVS 5a ***441?Gogarth North Stack...
GogarthE1 5b ***1136112m• 5Gogarth North Stack...
PelVS 4c **864?Gogarth South Stack
RapVS 5a **1174?Gogarth South Stack
North West PassageE1 5b ***1010?Gogarth South Stack
Atlantis/True Moments/FreebirdE2 5b ***33592m• 3Gogarth South Stack
Threadneedle StreetHS ***34335m• 3Mother Carey's...
Rock IdolE1 5a ***102845mMother Carey's...
The Strait GateE1 5b ***66245mMother Carey's...
The MeridianVS 4c **49036mMother Carey's...
Inner SpaceHVS 4c ***21945m• 2Mother Carey's...
Deep SpaceE2 5b ***28540m• 2Mother Carey's...
Joyous GardHVS 5a **28945mMother Carey's...
TempestE1 5c **17836mMother Carey's...
Diedre SudHS 4a ***66642mMowing Word
Heart of DarknessHVS 4c ***29270m• 3Mowing Word
SealhuntE1 5b ***34636mMowing Word
MyolaHS 4b ***58936mStennis Head
Riders on the StormHVS 5a ***94630mStennis Head
ManzokuE1 5b ***142036mStennis Head
Cool for CatsE1 5b ***117736mStennis Head
Blue SkyVS 4b ***108056m• 2Saddle Head
Pink 'UnVS 5a **82124mSaddle Head
The ArrowE1 5b ***176639mSt. Govan's Head
DerangedE2 5b ***80736mSt. Govan's Head
ArmoricanVS 4c ***157236mCaerfai Bay
Lucky StrikeE1 5b ***54139mRusty Walls
KeelhaulE2 5c ***40630mBosherston Head
Sunny CornerHVS 5a ***17239mBosherston Head
Preposterous TalesE2 5b ***24850m• 3Bosherston Head
Ocean PassageVS 4c **16445mBosherston Head
Surprise AttackE1 5c ***21347m• 2Mewsford Point
DaydreamsE2 5b ***18950m• 3Mewsford Point
Welcome to the CruiseHVS 5a ***54?Triple Overhang...
Pigs on the WingHVS 5a ***17730m• 2Triple Overhang...
Galactic Co-ordinatorHVS 5a **16545m• 2Triple Overhang...
Dreamboat AnnieHVS 5a **79918mPorthclais Area
Sea RiderVS 4c **54917mPorthclais Area
Bird on a WireVS 4b ***3743mStrata Walls
Night RidersHVS 5a ***4133mStrata Walls
SpacewalkHVS 5a ***2136m• 2Mount Sion East
Surge ControlHVS 5a ***336mMount Sion East
FloodgatesHVS 4c **-39m• 2Mount Sion East
Lost in SpaceHVS 5a **1333m• 2Mount Sion East
The Great ValerioHVS 5a ***32242mCarreg-y-Barcud Area
Beyond the AzimuthE1 5b **66320mCarreg-y-Barcud Area
MetamorphosisHS 4b **70018mCarreg-y-Barcud Area
The Beast from the UndergrowthE2 5b **70745mHuntsman's Leap
The Soup DragonE2 5c ***650m• 2Saddle Bay
Salty SagarsS 615mSaddle Bay
ChimeraE2 5c ***1430mPenally East
Warm WavesVS 4c *9345mBosherston Head
A' Chir Ridge TraverseM ***325?A'Chir
MosqueVS 4c **23230m• 7A'Chir
Artic WayVS 4c *2165m• 2Cir Mhor
HammerVS 4c **30?Cir Mhor
South Ridge DirectVS 5a ***597?• 13Cir Mhor
Sou'wester SlabsVD ***561110m• 5Cir Mhor
BlankVS 4b ***92130m• 3Rosa Slabs
BlankistHVS 4c **64?Rosa Slabs
PochmahoneVS 4c *11?Rosa Slabs
Filing in the BlanksHVS 4c ***4120m• 2Rosa Slabs
Flannan SlabVS 4c ***2945mUig Sea Cliffs...
Flannan CrackVS 4c ***4725mUig Sea Cliffs...
Flannan Chimney Left-handHS 4b *125mUig Sea Cliffs...
The VeeVS 4c **120mUig Sea Cliffs...
Mick's CornerVS 4c **1125mUig Sea Cliffs...
Lighthouse ArêteHS 4b **1545mUig Sea Cliffs...
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