Mont blanc du Tacul
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Alpine 4,000ers ticklist

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Official UIAA list of 4,000m peaks in the European Alps. There are many subsidiary tops which are also over 4,000m.

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Note: Only showing summits, scrambles, winter routes, and low grade climbs

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Mont Blancsummit 3884,810mHaute-Savoie
Mont Mauditsummit 744,465mHaute-Savoie
Dôme du Goûtersummit 924,304mHaute-Savoie
Mont Blanc du Taculsummit 2544,248mHaute-Savoie
Pointe Walkersummit 184,208mHaute-Savoie
Pointe Whympersummit 114,180mHaute-Savoie
L'Aiguille Vertesummit 304,121mHaute-Savoie
Aiguille du Diablesummit 74,114mHaute-Savoie
Pointe Crozsummit 84,110mHaute-Savoie
Pointe Carmensummit 84,109mHaute-Savoie
Grand Rocheusesummit 54,102mHaute-Savoie
Pointe Médianesummit 94,097mHaute-Savoie
Pointe Chaubertsummit 84,074mHaute-Savoie
Pointe Margueritesummit 84,065mHaute-Savoie
Corne du Diablesummit 94,064mHaute-Savoie
Aiguille de Bionnassaysummit 314,052mHaute-Savoie
Pointe Hélènesummit 74,045mHaute-Savoie
L'Aiguille Vertesummit 304,121mHaute-Savoie
Dôme de Rochefortsummit 274,015mHaute-Savoie
Dent du Géantsummit 1534,013mHaute-Savoie
Aiguille de Rochefortsummit 894,001mHaute-Savoie
Les Droitessummit 124,000mHaute-Savoie
Barre des Écrinssummit 714,101mHautes-Alpes
Dôme de Neige des Écrinssummit 664,015mHautes-Alpes
Dufourspitzesummit 394,634mValais
Nordendspitzesummit 124,609mValais
Zumsteinspitzesummit 454,563mValais
Signalkuppesummit 824,554mValais
Domsummit 444,545mValais
Liskamm Ostgipfelsummit 354,527mValais
Weisshornsummit 244,506mValais
Täschhornsummit 164,491mValais
Liskamm Westgipfelsummit 294,479mValais
Parrotspitzesummit 494,432mValais
Ludwigshöhesummit 614,341mValais
Nadelhornsummit 1044,327mValais
Corno Nerosummit 474,322mValais
Lenzspitzesummit 264,294mValais
Stecknadelhornsummit 264,241mValais
Zinalrothornsummit 544,221mValais
Hohberghornsummit 254,219mValais
Vincent-Pyramidesummit 594,215mValais
Alphubelsummit 1004,206mValais
Rimpfischhornsummit 404,199mValais
Aletschhornsummit 154,195mValais
Strahlhornsummit 504,190mValais
Breithorn Occidentalesummit 2404,164mValais
Breithorn Occidentalesummit 2404,164mValais
Bishornsummit 604,153mValais
Breithorn Eastsummit 314,139mValais
Gemeli del Breithornsummit 154,106mValais
Polluxsummit 1194,092mValais
Roccia Nerasummit 224,075mValais
Ober Gabelhornsummit 244,063mValais
Punta Giordanisummit 264,064mValais
Dürrenhornsummit 184,035mValais
Allalinhornsummit 2404,027mValais
Weissmiessummit 2564,023mValais
Lagginhornsummit 1744,010mValais
Matterhornsummit 1144,478mValais
Dent Blanchesummit 574,357mValais
Combin de Valsorey Summitsummit 194,183mValais
Dent d'Hérenssummit 154,171mValais
Combin de la Tsessette Summitsummit 44,134mValais
Castorsummit 1064,223mValais
Finsteraarhornsummit 274,274mValais
Jungfrausummit 574,158mBern
Mönchsummit 834,107mBern
Schreckhornsummit 194,078mBern
Gross Grünhornsummit 244,043mValais
Lauteraarhornsummit 64,042mBern
Mont Blanc de Courmayeursummit 104,748mHaute-Savoie
Picco Luigi Amedeosummit 14,460mAosta Valley
Mont Brouillardsummit 14,069mAosta Valley
Pointe Barettisummit 14,013mAosta Valley
Grand Pilier d'Anglesummit -4,243mHaute-Savoie
Aiguille Blanche de Peutereysummit 44,112mHaute-Savoie
Gran Paradisosummit 2594,061mAosta Valley
Combin de Grafeneire Summitsummit 224,314mValais
Gross Fiescherhornsummit 234,048mValais
Hinter-Fiescherhornsummit 124,025mValais
Piz Berninasummit 264,049mGraubünden...
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