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Jurg von Kanel's 60 selected summits of the Swiss Alps.

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Aiguille du Tour South Summitsummit 603,542mHaute-Savoie
Petite Fourchesummit 163,512mHaute-Savoie
Mont Blanc de Cheilonsummit 303,870mValais
La Luette Summitsummit 223,548mValais
Aiguille de la Tsasummit 93,668mValais
Tete Blanchesummit 123,710mValais
Bishornsummit 634,153mValais
Breithorn Occidentalesummit 2474,164mValais
Balfrinsummit 73,795mValais
Ulrichshornsummit 73,925mValais
Rimpfischhornsummit 424,199mValais
Nadelhornsummit 1114,327mValais
Allalinhornsummit 2494,027mValais
Lagginhornsummit 1784,010mValais
Weissmiessummit 2664,023mValais
Stellihornsummit 53,436mValais
Wasenhornsummit 33,246mValais
Monte Leonesummit 23,552mValais
Ofenhornsummit 33,235mValais
Blinnenhornsummit 33,374mValais
Les Diableretssummit 23,210mVaud
Wildhornsummit 113,248mValais
Mittelgipfelsummit 73,244mBern
Steghornsummit 23,146mBern
Balmhornsummit 13,698mBern
Rinderhornsummit 33,448mBern
Morgenhorn Summitsummit 23,623mBern
Wildi Frausummit 53,260mBern
Tschingelhornsummit 53,562mBern
Dossen Summitsummit 13,138mBern
Hangendgletscherhornsummit -3,292mBern
Oberaarhornsummit -3,631mBern
Diechterhornsummit 43,389mBern
Galenstocksummit 63,586mValais
Tiefenstocksummit -3,515mUri
Gross Muttenhornsummit 153,099mValais
Sustenhorn Summitsummit 63,503mUri
Vorder Tierbergsummit 53,090mBern
Grassensummit 62,946mUri
Gross Spannortsummit 13,198mUri
Kröntensummit -3,108mUri
Claridensummit -3,267mUri
Schärhornsummit -3,294mUri
Vorder Glärnischsummit -2,328mGlarus
Hausstocksummit -3,158mGraubünden...
Ringelspitzsummit -3,247mGraubünden...
Tödisummit 23,614mGlarus
Piz Posta Bialasummit -3,074mGraubünden...
Oberalpstocksummit -3,328mUri
Piz Medelsummit -3,210mGraubünden...
Basòdinosummit 13,273mTicino
Rheinwaldhornsummit 23,402mTicino
Piz Keschsummit -3,418mGraubünden...
Piz Buinsummit 13,312mVorarlberg
Silvrettahornsummit -3,244mGraubünden...
Piz Palüsummit 123,900mGraubünden...
Piz Morteratschsummit 43,751mGraubünden...
Piz Tschiervasummit 13,546mGraubünden...
Il Chapütschinsummit 13,386mGraubünden...
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