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Littlejohn South West Climbs ticklist

contributed by Tim M Jul/11

The book I learnt to climb with - classic routes in the SW
A work in progress with routes E1-E5ish.
(still need to add missing routes The Blick, Passhendale, routes at brean, ximines, Jersey, the watchtower, Expensive, the fifth apendage, lionheart, p177+)

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Note: Only showing summits, scrambles, winter routes, and low grade climbs

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Amanita MuscarinaE4 6a ***9175m• 3Avon Gorge (Sea...
Tour de FranceE6 6b **1772m• 3Avon Gorge (Sea...
New HorizonsE3 5c **11650m• 2Avon Gorge (Sea...
New Horizons IIE2 5c **62718mAvon Gorge (Sea...
Ladder of DesireE3 5c ***19433mAvon Gorge (Sea...
ThemE3 6a ***20727mAvon Gorge (Sea...
Ffoeg's FollyE2 5c **33340m• 2Avon Gorge (Sea...
Last SlipE3 5c ***10140m• 2Avon Gorge (Sea...
EdgemasterE6 6b ***1827mAvon Gorge (Sea...
PadansacE2 5c **26227mAvon Gorge (Sea...
Krapp's Last TapeE3 5b ***15435mAvon Gorge (Main...
Think PinkE3 6a ***14969m• 3Avon Gorge (Main...
The PreterE2 5b ***11877m• 3Avon Gorge (Main...
Lich GatesE2 5c ***17854m• 2Avon Gorge (Main...
Polar ReachesE6 6c **163m• 3Avon Gorge (Main...
PerylE4 6a ***7955m• 2Avon Gorge (Main...
Pink Wall DirectE2 5c **10160m• 3Avon Gorge (Main...
Arête de la DégénerationE3 6b *2025mAvon Gorge...
The Earl of PerthE1 5b ***42846m• 2Avon Gorge...
SaharaE5 6b *1227mSplit Rock (Milton...
Crimson DynamoE6 6b **4925mSplit Rock (Milton...
Rustic WallE3 5c ***9825mSplit Rock (Milton...
Red Rag to a BullE5 6b **8125mSplit Rock (Milton...
Certain SurpriseE3 5c ***24025mSplit Rock (Milton...
Tricky DickyE5 6a ***6025mSplit Rock (Milton...
Highway OneE4 6a ***114?Portishead Quarry
Uphill RacerE5 6a **11?Uphill Quarry
Chiming for You7b ***143?Uphill Quarry
Idiot WindE1 5a 425mBrean Down
Distant VoicesE3 6a *430mBrean Down
ConsolationE1 5b **46?Cheddar Gorge South
GinsbergE5 6b *11?Cheddar Gorge South
EngineersE2 5b 3?Cheddar Gorge South
Turkey TrotE4 6a **12?Cheddar Gorge South
Demonic AreteE1 5a **26?Cheddar Gorge South
BrainbiterE2 5b ***32?• 2Cheddar Gorge South
La Del GiocondaE2 6a 1?Cheddar Gorge South
The Golden Road to SamarkandE3 6b -?Cheddar Gorge South
spotlightE1 5c 1?Cheddar Gorge South
Paradise Lost7b ***109?Cheddar Gorge South
Wishing WallE6 6b ***3?Cheddar Gorge South
Still Waters Run Deep7b ***253?Cheddar Gorge South
Crow (WW)E3 5c ***51?Cheddar Gorge South
West RouteE6 6a 2?Cheddar Gorge South
Coronation Street (WW)E1 5b ***509?Cheddar Gorge South
AhimsaE3 5c ***81?Cheddar Gorge South
Digit WallE2 5b 18?Cheddar Gorge North
Vic BondE4 6b -?Cheddar Gorge North
The WinkE2 5b 12?Cheddar Gorge North
MarsE2 5b ***13125m• 2Subluminal and...
Soul SacrificeE3 5c ***7335mBoulder Ruckle
GypsyE2 5b ***25633m• 2Boulder Ruckle
Singing WindsE4 6a **3040mBoulder Ruckle
ElysiumE1 5b ***49038mBoulder Ruckle
Marmolata ButtressE3 5c **4235m• 3Boulder Ruckle
BuccaneerE2 5b ***16838m• 2Boulder Ruckle
Mickey MouseE3 6a ***4845m• 2Boulder Ruckle
Billy PiggE1 5b **14033m• 2Boulder Ruckle
Mother AfricaE4 6a ***9345mBoulder Ruckle
Ocean BoulevardE3 5b ***32245mBoulder Ruckle
The Lean MachineE5 6a ***6535mBoulder Ruckle
SiriusE3 5b **3135mBoulder Ruckle
Len's Rule of the SeaE3 6a **8?The Promenade
Tensile Groove TestE4 6a **1420mThe Promenade
The Mind CathedralE6 6b ***338m• 2Fisherman's Ledge
The RitzE3 6a ***1020m• 2Fisherman's Ledge
The CongerE2 5c ***48220mFisherman's Ledge
VikingsE4 6a **3550m• 3Guillemot Ledge
WarlordE4 6a ***6545m• 2Guillemot Ledge
Tudor RoseE2 5b ***175?Guillemot Ledge
IceE3 6a **105?• 2Lundy
Black IceE3 5c ***14753m• 2Long Quarry Point
RenegadeE4 6a ***2854m• 2Long Quarry Point
Up the Styx, without a Paddle7b **4722mLong Quarry Point
Call to ArmsE4 5c ***3928m• 2Sanctuary Wall
Empire of the Sun7b+ ***55423mAnstey's Cove
The MitreE3 6b ***4025mAnstey's Cove
Devonshire CreamE5 6a ***12216mAnstey's Cove
CocytusE3 6a ***29928mAnstey's Cove
ZumaE4 6a **3647m• 2Daddyhole Main Cliff
Blinding FlashE4 6a ***7230mTelegraph Hole
FlashdanceE3 5c ***16527mTelegraph Hole
DreadnoughtE3 5c ***13379m• 3Berry Head - The...
CavemanE6 6b ***20125m• 6Berry Head - The...
Depth ChargeE5 6a ***686m• 4Berry Head - The...
YardarmE2 5b **2757m• 2Berry Head - The...
Rainbow BridgeE4 6b ***367280mBerry Head - The...
BloodE1 5b **15720mBerry Head -...
GagoolE1 5b **22733m• 2Chudleigh Rocks -...
Combined OpsE2 5b ***33932m• 2Chudleigh Rocks -...
CombatE3 5c ***11522mChudleigh Rocks -...
Machete WallE2 5c **37027mChudleigh Rocks -...
Mortality CrisisE4 6a **12835mChudleigh Rocks -...
White LifeE5 6b ***3330mChudleigh Rocks -...
Crystal VoyagerE3 5c **925mThe Promenade
Black DeathE4 6a ***13630mChudleigh Rocks -...
The SpiderE1 5b ***44044m• 2Chudleigh Rocks -...
The EquationE3 6a **569m• 3Chudleigh Rocks -...
Rough DiamondE4 6a ***4120mHaytor
InterrogationE3 6a ***20935mHaytor
RhinocerosE2 5c **9336m• 2Haytor
FruitflancaseE1 5a ***38446m• 3The Dewerstone
Eyefull TowerE2 6a ***71?Cheesewring Quarry
High NoonE2 5c *19?• 3Cheesewring Quarry
Doors of PerceptionE1 5b **227?Baggy Point
No SweatE1 5c *64?Baggy Point
UndercrackerE1 5a **217?Baggy Point
Slip it in QuickE3 5c **43?Baggy Point
TerrapinE3 5b **80?Baggy Point
The Great BeastE1 5b *3246mBaggy Point
Heart of the SunE2 5c ***142?Baggy Point
GladiatorE1 5b *40?Baggy Point
Stop PressE2 5c **33?• 2Lundy
Controlled BurningE4 5c **54?Lundy
Ace of DiamondsE5 6a ***11?Lundy
A Widespread Ocean of FearE5 6a ***41?Lundy
Satan's SlipE1 5a ***495?• 3Lundy
CithaeronE4 6a ***37?Lundy
The SerpentE1 5b **53?Lundy
SupernovaE5 6b ***15?• 2Lundy
AntiworldsE5 6a ***21?• 3Lundy
The Promised LandE3 6a ***42?Lundy
SpacewalkE3 5b 1690m• 3Lundy
Matt BlackE3 5c **49?Lundy
RampartE3 6a ***96?• 2Lundy
DestinyE2 5c **129?Lundy
Formula OneHVS 5a ***301?Lundy
The Indy 500E1 5b ***38935mLundy
Wolfman JackE3 5c ***140?• 2Lundy
Venus FlytrapE2 5c ***113?Lundy
Bleed for SpeedE2 5c **2?Lundy
The Exorcist (Flying Buttress)VS 5b 3017mLundy
The Great DivideE3 5b ***5?Lundy
Golden GateE4 6a ***15?Lundy
OlympicaE5 6a ***21?Lundy
QuatermassE2 5c ***78?Lundy
392 e, 318 stars15,8753,447m• 203
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