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The hills within the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that are 500m+ in height and have 30m (100ft) of prominence; 27 Hewitts,(5 of which are Marilyns) and 20 Deweys.

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Note: Only showing summits, scrambles, winter routes, and low grade climbs

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Add Hill name GradeTicks? Height County
Cross Fellsummit 95893mCumbria
Great Dun Fellsummit 53847mCumbria
Little Dun Fellsummit 42842mCumbria
Knock Fellsummit 31794mCumbria
Mickle Fellsummit 23788mCounty Durham
Meldon Hillsummit 15767mCumbria
Little Fellsummit 12746mCumbria
Burnhope Seatsummit 32746mCounty Durham
Dead Stonessummit 17710mCounty Durham
Melmerby Fellsummit 20711mCumbria
Great Stony Hillsummit 18708mCounty Durham
Chapelfell Topsummit 17700mCounty Durham
Round Hillsummit 18686mCumbria
Murton Fellsummit 18675mCumbria
Westernhope Moor [James's Hill]summit 16675mCounty Durham
Killhope Lawsummit 22673mCounty Durham
Black Fellsummit 12664mCumbria
Nine Standards Riggsummit 58662mCumbria
Grey Nagsummit 15656mNorthumberland
Three Pikessummit 16651mCounty Durham
Herdship Fellsummit 16643mCounty Durham
Cold Fellsummit 35621mCumbria
Bink Mosssummit 14619mCounty Durham
The Doddsummit 15614mNorthumberland
Flinty Fellsummit 16614mCumbria
Middlehope Moor [Burtree Fell]summit 19612mCounty Durham
Thack Moorsummit 7610mCumbria
Murton Pikesummit 6594mCumbria
Roman Fellsummit 1594mCumbria
Blotting Raisesummit -591mCumbria
Middle Fellsummit 1580mCumbria
Dry Riggsummit 2566mCounty Durham
Iron Bandsummit 1563mCumbria
Tailbridge Hillsummit 1547mCumbria
Hard Riggsummit 1546mCumbria
Bolt's Lawsummit 6541mCounty Durham
Cuns Fellsummit -539mCumbria
Brownley Hillsummit 3533mNorthumberland
Pike Riggsummit 1525mNorthumberland
Ayle Commonsummit 1524mNorthumberland
High Greygritssummit 1522mCumbria
Moudy Measummit 1522mCumbria
Horseshoe Hillsummit 2519mCounty Durham
Brownber Hillsummit 1519mCumbria
Collier Lawsummit 4516mCounty Durham
Great Knipesummit 1515mCumbria
Park Fellsummit -511mCumbria
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