The Pentland Hills ticklist

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Summits 400m and above in the Pentland Hill range. Covers hills in Midlothian, Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, West Lothian and the Borders.

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Add Hill name GradeTicks? Height County
Caerketton Hillsummit 16478mMidlothian
Allermuir Hillsummit 41493mWest Lothian
Capelaw Hillsummit 14454mMidlothian
Fala Knowesummit 7439mMidlothian
Castlelaw Hillsummit 11488mMidlothian
Harbour Hillsummit 10421mMidlothian
Bell's Hillsummit 7406mMidlothian
Turnhouse Hillsummit 18506mMidlothian
Gask Hillsummit 3412mMidlothian
Black Hillsummit 25501mLanarkshire
Carnethy Hillsummit 16573mMidlothian
Hare Hillsummit 9449mMidlothian
Scald Lawsummit 72579mMidlothian
Grain Hillsummit 6460mMidlothian
South Black Hillsummit 10563mMidlothian
East Kipsummit 22534mMidlothian
West Kipsummit 22551mMidlothian
Kitchen Mosssummit 3430mMidlothian
Cap Lawsummit 5497mMidlothian
Braid Lawsummit 2436mMidlothian
Green Lawsummit 5525mMidlothian
Cock Rigsummit 1479mMidlothian
East Cairn Hillsummit 12567mLanarkshire
West Cairn Hillsummit 8562mLanarkshire
Wether Lawsummit 4479mLanarkshire
Spittal Hillsummit 3526mMidlothian
Torweaving Hillsummit 2403mWest Lothian
Mealowthersummit 2444mWest Lothian
The Mountsummit 3538mBorders
Grain Headssummit 4532mBorders
Patie's Hillsummit 4475mMidlothian
Carlops Hillsummit 3505mBorders
Mount Mawsummit 4535mBorders
Faw Mountsummit 4416mBorders
King Seatsummit 1463mBorders
Byrehope Mountsummit 2536mMidlothian
Craigengarsummit 4519mBorders
Faddensummit 1466mBorders
White Craigsummit 3434mSouth Lanarkshire
Henshaw Hillsummit 3416mSouth Lanarkshire
Darlees Rigsummit 2448mSouth Lanarkshire
Catstonesummit 1448mBorders
Black Lawsummit 1407mSouth Lanarkshire
Bleak Lawsummit 2445mSouth Lanarkshire
Mid Hillsummit 1412mSouth Lanarkshire
Mendick Hillsummit 8451mLanarkshire
Dunsyre Hillsummit 1401mSouth Lanarkshire
Harrow's Lawsummit 2414mSouth Lanarkshire
Cairnsmuirsummit 2413mWest Lothian
White Craig Hillsummit 1477mBorders
Muckle Knocksummit 1465mBorders
Fairliehope Hillsummit 1465mBorders
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