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Crack apprenticeship - Highland North ticklist

contributed by masa-alpin Jun/15

List of jamming crack routes in northern Highland - Skye/Torridon or north. The criterion is the meat of the route must be a crack, in which jamming is most helpful. I have picked up most of the routes just by looking at the guides, mainly "Scottish Rock" Vol.2 (2014) by Gary Latter (compiled during (many!) wet days on islands in Outer Hebrides), so I am not sure how "jamming-crack"-like each route is! Your comment is welcome - message me, please!

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Note: Only showing summits, scrambles, winter routes, and low grade climbs

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
East Face Route (Original Route)E1 5b ***667130m• 5(Old Man of) Hoy
Yes PleaseE3 6a **125mCastle of Yesnaby
Lum CrackE2 5c **820mYesnaby
Deep BlueE3 5c **410mYesnaby
Up tae High DohE1 5b **210mYesnaby
MaterE2 5b **735mRora Head
Two Litle BoysE6 6b ***385m• 3Rora Head
The Bernera ProwE2 5b ***2220mGreat Bernera
Grazing BeastE1 5b **1020mGreat Bernera
The Bostadh StranglerE2 5c ***1025mGreat Bernera
Hang ItHVS 5a 110mDalbeg
Vein HopeE2 5c **-40mUig Sea Cliffs...
Romancing the MooseE5 6a ***130mUig Sea Cliffs...
President's ChimneyVD *320mUig Sea Cliffs...
Cioch CrackVS 4c *320mUig Sea Cliffs...
Flannan CrackVS 4c ***4725mUig Sea Cliffs...
Suffering BastardE4 6a ***1925mUig Sea Cliffs...
Stellar CrackE3 5c **-40mCreag Mo
The Mighty CondrionE7 6c **-60m• 2Creag Mo
Spit in ParadiseE4 6a ***26110m• 3Pabbay
Prominent Nasty Looking Off-width GrooveE2 5b -50mPabbay
Shags DirectE1 5c 130mPabbay
Off Wid Emily's BikiniE2 5b *435mPabbay
Thursday's Setting SunriseE5 6a ***830mPabbay
Don't Fool Yourself GirlE4 6b *325mPabbay
Bogus Asylum SeekersE3 6a **3530mPabbay
Squeeze JobHVS 5a *935mPabbay
Pot of GoldE1 5b **-55mMingulay
The Abyss of NumbersE2 5c *310mMingulay
Junior KeelE4 6b **-10mMingulay
Hot PantsE4 6b **-55m• 2Creag Shomhairle
Whispering CrackE3 5c ***2355mRubha Hunish
Staffin Classic (a.k.a. Kilt Classic)E2 5b ***2340mStaffin Slips
Hand JiveE2 5c **1117mStaffin Slips
Green VoteE3 5c ***745mStaffin Slips
Woman Of The EightiesE3 5c ***1745mStaffin Slips
Experimental LearningE3 6a ***945mStaffin Slips
Licking NettlesE3 5c ***130mStaffin Slips
WildwoodE5 6a ***545mStaffin Slips
BilidowcarE4 6a **140mKilt Rock, Staffin
Drop The PilotE4 6a **140mKilt Rock, Staffin
The PioneerE1 5a **335mKilt Rock, Staffin
InternationaleE3 5b **8745mKilt Rock, Staffin
Road To RuinE2 5b **1845mKilt Rock, Staffin
Killer WhaleE4 6a **645mKilt Rock, Staffin
Frisky after WhiskyE3 5c ***1445mKilt Rock, Staffin
Fe Fi Fo FumE3 5c ***745mKilt Rock, Staffin
TempestE3 6a **145mKilt Rock, Staffin
Ill WindE5 6a -75m• 3Kilt Rock, Staffin
Demon LoverE4 6a 240mKilt Rock, Staffin
Toll DubhHVS 4c -50mKilt Rock, Staffin
All The Small ThingsE5 6b **725mNeist
A Fistful of DollariteE1 5b **5325mNeist
Wish You Were HereE3 5c ***7030mNeist
Shocks and StaresHS 4b **233?Neist
American VampireE4 6a ***225mNeist
Fight ClubE4 6a ***1325mNeist
HomerHVS 5a **1320mNeist
True ColoursE2 5c ***920mNeist
Cold TurkeyHVS 5a **535mNeist
The Murray MintE3 6a *1?Neist
The Old HexHVS 5a *315mNeist
Quantum TunnellingHVS 415mNeist
Disturbing the WildlifeHVS 5a *130mNeist
Commando CrackHS ***67105m• 6Sgùrr Alasdair
The AspE2 5c **3105m• 3Sgùrr Alasdair
Trophy CrackE1 5b ***114?Sron na Ciche
Crack of Doom Direct FinishHS 4b **6?Sron na Ciche
Overhanging CrackE2 5c **1045mSron na Ciche
Pump up the Jamf6C ***58mAn Sguman
Coruisk CornerE5 6a ***-?Coir' Uisg Buttress
The BeastVS 4c **812mLatheronwheel
Guillemot CrackHVS 5a ***6910mLatheronwheel
Occum's RazorE4 6a ***825mSarclet
Crypt RobberE2 5c ***535mSarclet
Walking on WaterE2 5c ***2635mSarclet
YawnVS 4c *6?Sarclet
North-West EliminateE5 6a ***140mCnoc an Staca
Monkey ManE3 5c ***96?Sheigra Sea Cliffs
TridentS 4a ***199mBack Stage
Friend's at a FuneralE1 5b **-?Cnoc an Staca
Tank TopE6 6b ***-45m• 2Creag Shomhairle
Shades of NightE2 5c *-?Reiff - Rubha...
Atlantic CrackE3 5c ***412mReiff - Rubha...
Spring SonatinaE2 5c **-12mReiff - Rubha...
Moronic InfernoE2 5b **100?Reiff - Rubha...
Moody BluesVS 4b 188?Reiff - An Stiuir
Free BaseE5 6a **17?Reiff - An Stiuir
The ThistleE4 6a **11?Reiff - An Stiuir
Jelly WobblerE1 5b **35?Reiff - An Stiuir
Elastic CollisionE3 5c ***171?Reiff - An Stiuir
Seal SongE3 5c ***104?Reiff - An Stiuir
Leaning MeanieE2 6a **5?Reiff - Roinn a'...
Crack of DesireE3 5c ***44?Reiff - Roinn a'...
StrangewaysE4 6b **8?Reiff - Roinn a'...
StrongbowE1 5b ***37?Reiff - Stone Pig...
Burning DesireE5 6b ***25?Ardmair Crags
Unleash The BeastE4 6a ***4825mArdmair Crags
Primitive DanceE2 5c **43?Ardmair Crags
Pretty PollaidhHVS 5a *235mStac Pollaidh
BloodsuckerE2 5c -?Stac Pollaidh
Enigma GroovesHVS 5b *1080m• 3Stac Pollaidh
Jack the Ripper (Fred West Finish)E3 6a **6?Stac Pollaidh
Felo de SeE2 5c *375m• 2Stac Pollaidh
Shadow on the WallE4 6a **1260m• 2Stac Pollaidh
Mid Flight CrisisE4 6a ***14?• 2Stac Pollaidh
Cat on a Hot Tin RoofE3 5c **1460m• 2Stac Pollaidh
Pretty Bourgeois CrackE2 5c *-20mStac Pollaidh
JamalamadingdongE1 5b 1?Stac Pollaidh
Summer Isles CrackE1 5b *315mStac Pollaidh
The OrificeE3 6a *140m• 2Stac Pollaidh
AbominationHVS 5b **4100m• 3Carnmore Crag
CrackersE3 5c **-70m• 2Carnmore Crag
Kneel and PrayE1 5b *148mMungasdale
Ling DynastyE5 ***16110m• 3Beinn Eighe
FistfighterE4 6a **14?Seana Mheallan
Crack of AgesE2 5b **93?Seana Mheallan
Rowantree CrackHVS 5a **3930mSeana Mheallan
Bleached WhaleE2 5c **3310mSeana Mheallan
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