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Chee Dale and Monsal Trail - Family Walk

, Derbyshire
4.99km, 121m, 2 hours

Longshaw Estate

Grindleford village, Derbyshire
5.005km, 70m, 1.25 hours

Froggatt Edge 5K

Grindleford village, Derbyshire
5.005km, 128m, 1.3333333333333 hours

Edale to Mam Tor - Family Walk

, Derbyshire
5.44km, 267m, 2.5 hours

Lathkill Dale

Bakewell, Derbyshire
7.242km, 160m, 1.5 hours

Totley Moor fell race

Sheffield, Derbyshire
8.49km, 349m, 1.25 hours

Tiger's Todger trail race

Sheffield, Derbyshire
9.205km, 357m, 1.25 hours

Hope Valley River trail

Hathersage village, Derbyshire
9.99km, 96m, 2.5 hours

Hathersage and Over Owler Tor - Family Walk

, Derbyshire
5.22km, 237m, 1.75 hours

Coombs Dale, Calver - Family Walk

, Derbyshire
4.54km, 150m, 1.5 hours

Eyam Moor and Bretton Clough - Family Walk

Eyam near Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire
5.842km, 203m, 1.75 hours

Win Hill Loop

Bamford village is just down the road., Derbyshire
8.03km, 404m, 3 hours

Castleton fell race

Castleton village, Derbyshire
9.82km, 458m, 1.6666666666667 hours


Sheffield, Derbyshire
11.877km, 542m, 3.1333333333333 hours

Edale fell race

Edale village , Derbyshire
7.59km, 391m, 2.25 hours

The Burbage Skyline fell race

Grindleford village, Derbyshire
9.077km, 382m, 2.1666666666667 hours

Whirlow 10k Trail Race

Sheffield, Derbyshire
9.656km, 315m, 2 hours

Goyt Valley, Shining Tor and Windgather Rocks circular.

Buxton, Derbyshire
19.022km, 635m, 6 hours

The Baslow Bootbash marathon

Baslow village, Derbyshire
43.517km, 1,165m, 11 hours

Totley Exterminator fell race

Sheffield, Derbyshire
25.35km, 1,171m, 7 hours

The Edale Skyline fell race

Edale village, Derbyshire
33.35km, 1,387m, 8 hours

Grindleford Gallop 2012

Grindleford village, Derbyshire
33.81km, 808m, 5.5 hours

Hope Valley to Monsaldale cycle tour

Sheffield, Derbyshire
80km, 1,784m, 5.5 hours

30 mile

Sheffield, Derbyshire
30.127km, 1,479m, 12 hours

Hope Moors and Tors

Hope village, Derbyshire
32.39km, 1,134m, 6.5 hours

Peak District 60-Miler

Sheffield, Derbyshire
58.23km, 2,846m, 24 hours

The Long Tour of Bradwell ultra

Bradwell village, Derbyshire
53.16km, 2,185m, 9.5333333333333 hours