Win Hill Loop Walking

A delightful loop walk that tackles the wonderful Win Hill - one of the few actual 'peaks' in the Peak District, and then makes the most of the height gain with a long and leisurely return to the starting point near the Yorkshire Bridge.
As with many good walks, this one starts with a short and savage climb up from the parking gaining all your height pretty much in the first 20 minutes. Once up high you get super 360 degree views from the top of Win Hill which must be one of the best summits in the Peak. From here the walk offers delightful views for most of its length as you walk along the double-back and drop down towards the tiny village of Aston. A short road section (very quiet) follows before more pleasant fields lead back to the start.

Win Hill loop - the broad ridge from Win Hill summit  © Alan James
Win Hill loop - the broad ridge from Win Hill summit © Alan James
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SK1977685029 From the bridge head right towards the dam and almost immediately pick up the sign for Win Hill up some steep steps. Choose your own tempo here for the climb up Parkin Clough since the next 500m contains most of the climbing on the route up the side of a small stream.

SK1919685086 At the top of the grunting section is a junction of paths. Follow the Win Hill summit path through the trees.

SK1868285078 The spectacular summit of Win Hill with its superb views. Drop down here and follow the wide path along the broad summit ridge for around 2km.

SK1724585942 Make a sharp left onto a path (mountain bike track) that comes in from the left, a 100m or so before a wall and bigger junction of paths. Follow this down the hillside with glorious views across the Hope Valley.

SK1788684682 A junction of paths gives an alternative way up Win Hill, and also option for a shorter loop if you cut across after the summit. Continue across then locate a steep rocky track that leads down eventually to a tarmac road by some houses.

SK1819883928 At a T-junction, turn left along the road then almost immediately right along a short connecting path in front of some houses. This path cuts the corner off the road which you rejoin further on and pass through Aston.

SK1902483832 After a drive on the left, go over a high stile and follow the edge of the field next to the road. You can also continue along the road here. Another sign points the direction diagonally across the fields through a series of gates and stiles.

SK1952084013 A narrow section leads to a junction of paths. Continue straight across here and follow a wide path easily down and northwards.

SK1971784749 Cross the wide cycle track and drop down another small path that leads down to the road and back to the start by the bridge.

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