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Lathkill Dale Walking

A pleasant meander along one of the finest Limestone Dales in the Peak District with few points of historical interest along the way.
The river Lathkill rises just below Monyash and flows down to meet the Wye just below Haddon Hall. The valley it forms is one of the finest of the limestone dales and the upper part is a National Nature Reserve, in the care of Natural England. It is a famous trout-fishing river.

Lathkill Dale waterfalls  © Paul Phillips
Lathkill Dale waterfalls © Paul Phillips
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SK1774266234 Haddon Grove Farm Campsite This working farm is a also fine campsite and one at which I have many found memories of as a child. Make your way straight through this on the main track and over the stile into the field. Head towards the valley straight ahead (Cales Dale) and you should find another stile marking the path down to the valley floor.

SK1812565712 These series of waterfalls were created my the miners in the 19th century as they endeavoured to pump the water out of the lead mines.

SK1940765851 Remains of a aqueduct used by the lead mining industry.

SK1974066108 Remains of a 19th century Mandale Mine pumphouse - once powered by one of the largest waterwheels known to have been used in mining history.

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by Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH

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