Hathersage and Over Owler Tor - Family Walk Walking

by Alan James - UKC and UKH Jan/2012
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A good length family walk that takes in some great scenery with excellent views throughout.
The routes starts in Hathersage although there is an alternative parking option which gives a slightly shorter walk but with more reliable parking. After a gentle climb through the trees you open out onto the small almost hidden moor between Stanage and Millstone marked on some maps as High Lees. This gives great views all round. The walk then takes a loop upwards to Over Owler Tor and round and back after a steep descent to Mitchell Field farm.

Hathersage Owler Tor - Family Walk, walking away from Owler Tor, 56 kb
Walking away from Over Owler Tor towards Higgar. © Alan James
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SK2347581233 Park where you can in Hathersage, or park on the road by waypoint 3 and miss this first section. A path leads off the main road just below a bus stop on the A6187. This rises steeply through the woods.
Hathersage Owler Tor - Family Walk, in the woods from Hathersage., 206 kb

SK2392181146 After a gate, take the middle branch through the trees up a short ridge and follow the path around to the right. Eventually you come to a gate. The path splits just after this so turn right and head across towards Over Owler Tor and Millstone.
Hathersage Owler Tor - Family Walk, across towards Owler Tor and Millstone, 116 kb

SK2440980837 After the electric gate cross the road. There is room here for cars on the verge if you want to start the walk from this point and miss the section from Hathersage. Take the path on the edge of the woods. There is also a parallel path on the moors to the left of the woods if you want to keep in the sun.

SK2499680640 On leaving the woods, turn left and follow a path around under a ruin. Follow the path steeply up and across to Over Owler Tor. If it is windy and you want to take a short cut, you can go diagonally across the moor from this point to join the path from Over Owler Tor.
SK2523181564 At a junction by a wall, turn left and drop down very steeply to the road. Cross this and a stile and then descend more gently to Mitchell Field Farm.

SK2483881696 At the farm follow the drive but turn almost immediately right on a small path through the woods. Cross a stile into a wide field and head across to another wall with a step stile.

SK2434081315 The wide moor leads pleasantly back via the development at Scraperlow with its electric gates. Continue direct along the approach drive and path to rejoin your approach at the stile and drop back down to the start.
Hathersage Owler Tor - Family Walk, the bracken below Owler Tor, 192 kb
The moor below Over Owler Tor with Scraperlow visible in the background

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This route has been read 5,516 times