YMC Yorkshire Gritstone Vol 1

YMC Yorkshire Gritstone Guidebook Volume 1 - Almscliff to Slipstones
Author Robin Nicholson, Adi Gill and Andy McCue
Published Yorkshire Mountaineering Club (2012)
ISBN 978-0-95152675-0

Website issuu.com


A definitive guidebook for the north-eastern sector of the Yorkshire gritstone area.

Over 50 Crags described by local volunteers.

2000 routes from Mod to E8

2000 boulder problems from Font 1 to Font 8b+

Includes full-colour topos, action photos, access maps and half a dozen bouldering circuits.

Crags covered by this Guide
North Yorkshire crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Air Scar Crag 49 Gritstone NE
Almscliff 675 Gritstone all
Arnagill Valley 20 Gritstone ?
Ash Head 260 Gritstone NW
Bat Buttress 114 Gritstone S
Birk Crag 40 Gritstone NW
Birk Gill Crag 39 Gritstone S
Bolton Haw - Temple of the Winds 38 Gritstone SW
Brandrith 82 Gritstone N
Brimham Rocks 1193 Gritstone all
Brown Beck Crag 104 Gritstone S
Calf Crag 7 Gritstone NW
Carncliff Top 34 Gritstone all
Cat Crags 39 Gritstone S
Clint Crags 37 Gritstone W
Crocodile Crag 23 Gritstone NE
Crow Crag 96 Gritstone SW
Dovestones (Ravens Peak) 32 Gritstone S
Earl Seat 31 Gritstone NW
Eavestone Crag 250 Gritstone all
Great Roova Crag 72 Gritstone N
Great Wolfrey 145 Gritstone S
Guisecliff 394 Gritstone N
Hebden Gill 79 Gritstone SW
Hen Stones 12 Gritstone ?
Henstone Band 19 Gritstone S
Heyshaw Quarry (near Guisecliff) 7 Grit (quarried) S
High Crag (Stump Cross) 68 Gritstone NW
Hunter's Stones 59 Gritstone SE
Little Brimham 94 Gritstone SW
Little Roova Crag 15 Gritstone NW
Lord's Seat 150 Gritstone S
Low Huller Stones 159 Gritstone NE
Lulbeck 18 Gritstone W
North Nab 43 Gritstone W
Norwood 53 Gritstone SE
Nought Bank Boulders 48 Gritstone N
Panorama Crag (Pateley Bridge) 54 Grit (quarried) SW
Plantation Crack 83 Gritstone SW
Roundhill 158 Gritstone all
Simon's Seat 148 Gritstone all
Slipstones 292 Gritstone SW
Snowden Crags 56 Gritstone N
Spofforth Pinnacles 115 Gritstone all
Sypeland 122 Gritstone SW
Thruscross 271 Gritstone SW
Upper Huller Stones (Skell Gill) 28 Gritstone N
Whitehouses 70 Gritstone S
Wig Stones 33 Gritstone S
West Yorkshire crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Caley Crags 659 Gritstone N
Chevin Buttress 68 Gritstone N
Henry Price 17 Grit (quarried) E
Hetchell 88 Gritstone W
Little Almscliff 76 Gritstone all
Longwood Edge 8 Grit (quarried) ?
West Chevin Boulders 83 Gritstone N
Woolley Edge Quarry 105 Sandstone (hard) NW

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