Red River Gorge Rock Climbs, 3rd Ed.

Author Ray Ellington
Published Wolverine Publishing (2010)
ISBN 978-0-9792644-1-2

Website www.wolverinepublishing.c...


Best iteration yet of the definitive guide book to all climbing, trad and sport, in the Red River Gorge. The book is both beautiful and exhaustive. Approaches are meticulously described and mapped. Routes can be located on either the full color photo topos or the GIS imaged top down diagram of the base. Additionally Wolverine donates a significant portion of the profits to the Red River Gorge Climber's Collation to support their advocacy and acquisition projects.

Crags covered by this Guide
KY East crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Bob Marley - RRG40Sandstone (hard)?
Chica Bonita39Sandstone (hard)?
Courtesy Wall RRG>PRMP13Sandstone (soft)NW
Curbside RRG>PMRP18Sandstone (hard)E
Drive-By Crag50Sandstone (hard)E
Military Wall50Sandstone (hard)all
Pebble Beach23Sandstone (hard)?
Purgatory RRG>PMRP21Sandstone (hard)SE
Purple Valley (RRG)29Sandstone (hard)all
Red River Gorge2500Sandstone (hard)all
Roadside Crag23UNKNOWN?
Shady Grove (PMRP)15Sandstone (hard)?
Solar Collector/Gold Coast55Sandstone (hard)?
The Chocolate Factory (RRG)103Sandstone (hard)all
The Crossroads (RRG->PMRP25Sandstone (hard)?
The Motherlode (RRG)67Sandstone (hard)all
The Zoo19Sandstone (hard)?
Torrent Falls (RRG)52Sandstone (hard)?