Peak District: Bouldering

Peak District: Bouldering cover photo
Author Ru Davies
Published Vertebrate Publishing (2011)
ISBN 978-1-906148-27-0


Other editions of this guidebook
Peak District: Bouldering Vertebrate Publishing (2004)

Crags covered by this Guide
Derbyshire crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Bamford Edge 348 Gritstone SW
Baslow Edge 287 Gritstone W
Birchen Edge 326 Gritstone SW
Black Rocks 252 Gritstone NW
Black Tor 56 Gritstone NE
Blackwell Dale 182 Limestone ?
Bradley Edge and Quarry 206 Gritstone N
Carrhead Rocks 41 Gritstone W
Chasecliffe 70 Gritstone W
Chatsworth Edge 130 Gritstone NW
Clifftop Boulders 99 Gritstone W
Cratcliffe Tor 252 Gritstone all
Curbar Edge 664 Gritstone W
Dobb Edge 23 Grit (quarried) SW
Duke's Quarry 63 Grit (quarried) W
Eagle Tor 58 Gritstone all
Eastwood Rocks 126 Gritstone W
Froggatt Edge 508 Gritstone W
Gardom's Edge 423 Gritstone W
Harborough Rocks 110 Limestone S
Harland Edge 89 Gritstone SW
Harthill Quarry 77 Gritstone W
New Mills Torrs 136 Gritstone S
Nuda's Tartan 54 Limestone ?
Odin Cave 7 Limestone ?
Rabbit Warren 28 Grit (quarried) SW
Raven Tor (Miller's Dale) 308 Limestone SW
Rheinstor 32 Limestone W
Robin Hood's Stride 150 Gritstone all
Rowtor Rocks 115 Gritstone all
Shining Cliff 147 Gritstone S
Stanage North 651 Gritstone W
Stanage Plantation 815 Gritstone SW
Stanage Popular 724 Gritstone SW
Stanton in the Woods 116 Gritstone NW
Stanton Moor 127 Gritstone all
Stoney Middleton 477 Limestone W
The Arch 4 Limestone ?
The Hurkling Stones (Rock Ahoy) 15 Gritstone S
The Tube 15 Limestone ?
The Wheelstones (AKA Coach and Horses) 21 Gritstone all
Tideswell Dale 72 Limestone W
Tintwistle Knarr 97 Grit (quarried) S
Tom's Cave 18 Limestone S
Turningstone Edge 179 Gritstone E
Upper Matlock Quarries 134 Grit (quarried) SW
White Edge 19 Gritstone W
Yarncliffe 148 Grit (quarried) SW
Greater Manchester crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Hobson Moor Quarry 115 Grit (quarried) SW
Wimberry Rocks 253 Gritstone N
South Yorkshire crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Bell Hagg 155 Gritstone N
Burbage North 496 Gritstone SW
Burbage South Edge 295 Gritstone NW
Burbage South Valley Boulders 191 Gritstone all
Burbage West 81 Gritstone SE
Carl Wark 62 Gritstone NE
Fox Hagg 6 Gritstone N
Higgar Tor 212 Gritstone SW
Houndkirk Tor 43 Gritstone SW
Hurkling Stones 25 Gritstone S
Millstone Edge 290 Grit (quarried) W
Mother Cap and Quarry 64 Gritstone all
Over Owler Tor 59 Gritstone NW
Rivelin Edge 222 Gritstone S
Rivelin Quarries 143 Grit (quarried) S
Secret Garden 49 Gritstone SW
Smallfield 32 Gritstone S
The Ox Stones 7 Gritstone S
The Sheepfold 6 Gritstone ?
Wharncliffe Crags 548 Gritstone W
Wyming Brook 78 Gritstone all
Staffordshire crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Bosley Cloud 88 Gritstone all
Dimmings Dale 143 Sandstone (soft) all
Gib Torr 43 Gritstone NE
Gradbach Hill 62 Gritstone SW
Hen Cloud 221 Gritstone SW
Ina’s Rock and Alton Cliff 124 Sandstone (soft) all
Newstones and Baldstones 155 Gritstone E
Ousal Dale 188 Sandstone (soft) all
Ramshaw Rocks 273 Gritstone SE
Roaches Lower Tier 329 Gritstone SW
Roaches Skyline 334 Gritstone SW
Roaches Upper Tier 303 Gritstone SW
The Five Clouds 129 Gritstone SW
Wolf Edge 59 Gritstone SE
Wright's Rock Area 231 Sandstone (soft) all

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