Northern Highlands North

Author Andy Nisbet
Published SMC (2004)
ISBN 0 907521 80 0



First of three comprehensive updates to the old volume 1 and 2 SMC Northern Highlands guides from the 1990s. This one covers from Beinn Dearg northwards, including Reiff. [Stuart S]

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Northern Highlands North SMC (2004)

Crags covered by this Guide
Caithness crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Auckengill53Sandstone (hard)SE
Bodach an Uird4UNKNOWNall
Buchollie Castle1UNKNOWNS
Cleit Mhor5UNKNOWNall
Duncansby Stacks7UNKNOWNall
Dwarwick Head13Sandstone (hard)W
Latheronwheel124Sandstone (hard)E
Mid Clyth78Sandstone (hard)SE
Noss Head32SlateE
Occumster Sea Cliffs100Sandstone (hard)E
Ramscraig Stack2UNKNOWNall
Red Point16Graniteall
South Head of Wick8Sandstone (hard)SE
Stack of Ulbster1UNKNOWN?
Highland crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
A' Chailleach11UNKNOWNall
Am Bodach (Cape Wrath)1UNKNOWN?
Cairn Conmheall3UNKNOWN?
Cul Beag North Corrie6Sandstone (hard)N
Cul Beag West face17Sandstone (hard)W
Meall Gorm24Sandstone (hard)all
Roads Depot Crag8Gneiss?
Sgurr an Fhidhleir21Sandstone (hard)N
Warm up Buttress10GneissSW
Orkney Islands crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
(Old Man of) Hoy10Sandstone (hard)?
Castle of Burrian2UNKNOWNall
Clett of Crura5UNKNOWNall
Rose Ness20Sandstone (hard)S
Roseness group crag10UNKNOWNSE
Stack o' Roo2Sandstone (soft)all
Standard Rock1Sandstone (soft)all
The Berry3Sandstone (soft)?
The Brough1UNKNOWNall
The Needle1Sandstone (hard)all
The Vat of Kirbuster3UNKNOWNW
Weather Ness2UNKNOWNS
Yesnaby144Sandstone (hard)?
Ross & Cromarty crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
An Laogh Summit Crag6Sandstone (hard)SW
An Socach (Alladale)18QuartziteN
Ardmair Crags100Sandstone (hard)SW
Beinn Dearg69Gneissall
Bodach Beag1UNKNOWNall
Camas an Lochain Crag11Sandstone (hard)W
Camas Mor30Sandstone (hard)W
Chadha Dheirg7IceNW
Cnoc Bhreac20Sandstone (hard)SW
Coire Lair2Ice?
Creag Clachach1Ice?
Creag nam Broc7Sandstone (hard)SW
Cul Beag1Sandstone (hard)all
Forgotten Crag1Sandstone (hard)SW
Fred's Crag2Sandstone (hard)S
Garbh Choireachan1Sandstone (hard)S
Garden Wall3Sandstone (hard)?
Keanchulish Crag6Sandstone (hard)SE
Meall nam Fuaran3IceNE
Morning Wall (Keanchulish Inland Crags)3Sandstone (hard)SE
Mt Rushmore and Bean Crag0Sandstone (hard)?
Old Dornie - Meall Dearg4Sandstone (hard)W
Polin Geo11GneissSE
Quinag46Sandstone (hard)all
Red Slab, Cul Beag7Sandstone (hard)SW
Reiff - An Stiuir151Sandstone (hard)S
Reiff - Rubha Coigeach154Sandstone (hard)N
Reiff - Rubha Ploytach81Sandstone (hard)E
Reiff - Stone Pig Cliffs47Sandstone (hard)SW
Rhue Blocks9Sandstone (hard)all
Rhue Sea Cliffs56Sandstone (hard)NW
Royal Hotel Buttress8QuartziteS
Shark's Tooth1Sandstone (hard)all
Sheigra Sea Cliffs127GneissW
Sron Gun Aran4IceNE
Stac Pollaidh75Sandstone (hard)all
Strone Nea6GneissNW
Suilven10Sandstone (hard)all
The Detached Block14Sandstone (hard)?
The Hollow21Sandstone (hard)S
The Otter's Holt5Sandstone (hard)S
Totally Obscure Buttress2Sandstone (hard)S
Shetland Islands crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Corbie Geo4GraniteS
Eshaness Lighthouse80Andesiteall
Gaada Stacks5UNKNOWNall
Harry's Pund1UNKNOWNall
Moo Stacks4UNKNOWNall
Mucklabrek7Sandstone (hard)S
Ness of Sound19Sandstone (hard)all
Ninian Slabs3UNKNOWNW
Papa Stour3UNKNOWNall
Pobie Skeo6Sandstone (hard)?
Stack of the Ship1UNKNOWNall
The Cutter1UNKNOWNall
The Drongs6UNKNOWNall
The North Bank, Foula2UNKNOWNNW
The Noup1UNKNOWNall
The Runk1UNKNOWNall
West Ness Stack1GraniteS
Westwick Stacks2UNKNOWNall
Womni Geo5UNKNOWN?
Sutherland crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Achmelvich Campsite Crags14Gneiss?
Am Buachaille5Sandstone (soft)all
Ard Beag9GneissNE
Ardroe Crag13GneissNW
Ardroe Slab7GneissNW
Aultivullin - Port Allt a' Mhuilin10UNKNOWNE
B Team Buttress4GneissNW
Back Stage14GneissW
Balchladich2Sandstone (hard)S
Balmy Slabs15GneissSW
Beinn an Fhurain1Ice?
Ben Hope27UNKNOWNall
Ben Klibreck16Iceall
Ben Loyal18Graniteall
Ben Stack9UNKNOWNall
Brown Crag8GneissSW
Clachnessie Bay Crag4GneissW
Cnoc an Freicaidain2ConglomerateNW
Cnoc an Staca11Sandstone (hard)W
Crag One1GneissW
Crag Two1GneissNW
Creag an Fhithich20GneissW
Creag an Sgriodain10SchistW
Creag Arnaboll3UNKNOWNNW
Creag Chlais nan Cruineachd1GneissNW
Creag Mhor5GneissNW
Creag na Cailleach0GneissN
Creag na Faoilinn4UNKNOWNNW
Creag Shomhairle22GneissW
Creagan Meall Horn5IceNE
Cul Mor10Sandstone (hard)N
Culkein Stoer - Rubh' an Dunain4GneissW
Dolphin Crags2GneissS
Dunan Beag Cliffs3UNKNOWN?
Eas a' Chual Aluinn1Ice?
Eilean na H-Aiteig12Sandstone (hard)S
Faraid Head2Sandstone (hard)W
Fisherman's View Crag4GneissNW
Foinaven - Ganu Mor119Quartziteall
Inbhirpollaidh Rock Gym23GneissSW
Inchnadamph Crags20LimestoneW
Indian Chiefs10UNKNOWNN
Lighthouse Crags10UNKNOWNW
Little Big Crag10GneissNW
Loch Assynt Waterfall1Ice?
Loch Dubh Crag4GneissW
Loch Dubh Slab4GneissW
Loch Mhaolach Coire10LimestoneNW
Magnetic Rock - Strathan6GneissN
Meall an Ulbhaidh9GneissW
Meall Dearg - Sundowner Crag2GneissW
Meall na Leitreach1Iceall
Neave Island8UNKNOWN?
Old Man - Mainland Cliffs9Sandstone (hard)?
Oldshoremore Bay Crag10GneissW
Point of Stoer Crags4Sandstone (hard)S
Port Vasgo28SchistW
Raven's Crag3UNKNOWNNW
Red Castle Crag17GneissNW
Red Slab6GneissW
Rubbish Dump Crag2GneissNW
Rubh' Aird an t-Sionnach15GneissSE
Russet Slab1GneissSW
Sangobeg Sea-Cliffs20Gneiss?
School Crag12GneissNW
Serendipity Crag9GneissNW
Sirius Falls1Ice?
Skerray Sea Cliffs42Gneissall
Solitude Slab2GneissS
Split Rock14Sandstone (hard)all
Stack Clo Kervaig5UNKNOWNall
Stack Clo Mor1Sandstone (hard)all
Stack of Glencoul2UNKNOWNSW
Stag's Head Crag4GneissSW
Stoer Lighthouse Cliffs20Sandstone (hard)W
Telegraph Crag2GneissW
The Laird's Stack1Sandstone (hard)all
The Maiden8Quartziteall
The Ringstone15Gneissall
The Tiger2GneissN
Totegan Geos14Sandstone (hard)all
Unnamed Crag3GneissNW
Upper Badcall Crags15GneissSW
Whiten Head10Sandstone (hard)NW