Moroccan Anti Atlas North - Climbing on the North Side of Jebel el Kest

Moroccan Anti Atlas North - Climbing on the North Side of Jebel el Kest
Author Steve Broadbent
Published Oxford Alpine Club (2010)
ISBN 978-0-9567288-0-7



Morocco's Anti-Atlas mountains are a unique playground for the adventurous trad-climber, where perfect weather, miles of sun-drenched orange quartzite, stunning scenery and an enchanting culture combine to create one of the world's most exciting destinations for winter sun-rock.

This comprehensive guide details 55 crags and over 650 routes, from Moderate to E6, spanning every genre of traditional climbing, from roadside single-pitch desperates to 800m alpine ridge climbs.

Crags covered by this Guide
Souss-Massa crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Adrar Asmit7QuartziteNW
Adrar Iffran29Quartziteall
Adrar Imtwan2QuartziteS
Adrar Umlil78QuartziteW
Afantinzar Peak / Akida16Quartziteall
Agadir Tower1QuartziteSE
Aguerd Cioch7QuartziteSW
All Relative Gorge12Quartziteall
Amelu Wall15QuartziteNE
Amzkhssan Wall9QuartziteS
Anammer Crags126QuartziteS
Arrow Rock8QuartziteNW
Babouche Buttress6QuartziteS
Black Pyramid2QuartziteN
Brokeback Mountain / Tassila Crags6QuartziteN
Crag NA8QuartziteNE
Crag NB8QuartziteE
Dwawj Slabs37QuartziteNW
Far East Buzzard Crag3QuartziteNE
Finger & Thumb4QuartziteN
Foussaoun Riverside8QuartziteS
Fylde Crag9Quartzite?
Greek Buttress (Crag NC)10QuartziteE
Harram Peak3QuartziteW
Hidden Arete Area3QuartziteN
Icebox Canyon23QuartziteN
Ksar Rock92Quartziteall
Lower Eagle19QuartziteW
Maid Marion Rocks26QuartziteSW
Maison Rouge2QuartziteN
Middle Eagle11Quartziteall
Prickly Pear Gorge5QuartziteE
Roadside Crag (Idaougnidif)6QuartziteS
Robin Hood Rocks96QuartziteSW
Sermon Slabs5QuartziteN
Sif Rock3QuartziteN
Tagzene Gorge30Quartziteall
Tamza Wall10QuartziteN
The Cromlech13QuartziteN
The Flatiron11QuartziteNW
The Fortress3QuartziteS
The Lekst Tower1QuartziteS
The Pimple12QuartziteN
The Sanctuary11Quartziteall
The White Dome - Tower 132QuartziteNW
The White Dome - Tower 27QuartziteW
The White Dome - Tower 321QuartziteW
The White Dome - Tower 410QuartziteNW
The White Dome - Tower 513QuartziteNW
Tizi Gzaouine34QuartziteSE
Tizi Gzaouine Gorge18Quartziteall
Tizim Waylim10QuartziteSW
Upper Eagle22QuartziteN
Waterfall Walls16QuartziteN