Escalada en las Torcas de Chodes

Author Carlos Bona, Mikel Silván
Published Prames (2011)
ISBN 9788483213353.0000



If anything can stand in Torcas of Chodes (Morata de Jalon) is that it has become its own right in the climbing school for all ages. Located in the heart of Zaragoza Iberian System, in a shaft of privileged communications commuting to the main destinations in northern peninsular climbing in these limestone walls find a more than sufficient supply routes predominantly medium difficulty, in a magnificent and tranquil environment.

A total of 33 sectors with 500 routes and 700 long climbing for all tastes and styles of climbing, from short and explosive curbs 8 meter wall on the tracks of up to 140 meters, from affordable plaques lying to the acrobatic Ceiling collapses and explosives.

The abundance of easy routes (about 75% of the routes that the school offers are below 6b) make it the ideal destination for climbers begin to take their first steps in the rock or for those who seek pleasure Climbing unpretentious. All in the beautiful setting of the Gorges of the Tug River, a lovely place with nice and comfortable feet pathway climbing invite family and the full enjoyment of nature.

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