Eastern Crags

Eastern Crags cover photo
Author Al Davis & Nick Wharton
Published The Fell and Rock Climbing Club (2011)
ISBN 978-0-85028-051-1



Brand new full cover guide featuring photo topos and lots of inspiring pictures. Covers some major Lakeland crags including Raven Crags Threshthwaite and Thirlmere (plus at least another 5 you might not have heard of), Castle Rock and Dove Crag, plus a whole host of major to esoteric crags. Includes a really useful tabulated crag guide including aspect, seasonal restrictions and drying time as well as the more usual grade spread.

Crags covered by this Guide
Cumbria crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Black Crag 1 Gabbro E
Black Crag, Rydal 4 Rhyolite SE
Bram Crag Quarry 214 Granite W
Brunt Crag 7 - E
Buckbarrow Crag 32 Rhyolite W
Calf Howe Crag 23 Rhyolite E
Carrock Fell Crag 379 Gabbro E
Castle Rock of Triermain 67 Rhyolite W
Church Crag 9 Microgranite E
Cofa Pike Slabs 1 Rhyolite SE
Dove Crag (Dovedale) 55 Rhyolite NE
Eagle Crag (Grisedale) 53 Rhyolite E
Edmund's Castle 9 - N
Eighty Foot Slab 5 - E
Erne Nest 9 - N
Fall crag 9 - W
Gill Crag 10 Rhyolite S
Gouther Crags 103 Rhyolite NW
Gowbarrow Crag 29 Rhyolite SE
Harrop Tarn Crag 6 Rhyolite E
Hart Crag 9 - all
Heirloom 17 - NE
Hutaple Crag 21 Rhyolite NW
Iron Crag 22 Rhyolite SE
Iving Crag 20 Rhyolite E
Low Raven Crag 8 Rhyolite E
Lower Piketoe Knott Crag 11 - W
Mart Crag 21 Rhyolite E
Nab Crag 14 - SE
Nether Crag 5 - ?
Rampsgill Head Crag 22 Rhyolite NW
Raven Crag, Keldas 3 Rhyolite E
Raven Crag, Thirlmere 29 Rhyolite E
Raven Crag, Threshthwaite Cove 21 Rhyolite SE
Sandbed Ghyll Crags 22 Rhyolite W
Scrubby Crag 23 Rhyolite SE
Shundraw Quarry 6 Rhyolite E
Sippling Crag 3 Rhyolite W
Slape Crags 4 Gabbro E
Snail Shell Crag 14 Gabbro E
St. Sunday Crag 36 Rhyolite all
Swirl Crags 31 Rhyolite W
Thackmell Crags 10 Rhyolite NE
Thornhow Crag 10 Rhyolite NW
Thrang Crags 29 Rhyolite E
Yew Crag (Thirlmere) 19 Rhyolite W

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