Best of Arco

Best of Arco
Author Vertical Life gmbh
Published Vertical-Life (2013)



This is a selective guidebook describing the best places around Arco to go sport climbing. The guidebook covers 71 different crags and is split into 5 main areas. These are Arco with 22 crags, Sarca Valley with 25 crags, Giudicarie Valley with 11 crags, Trento with 7 crags, and Rovereto with 6 crags. In total around 4,000 routes are described of which the vast majority of the routes are single pitch, with the occasional short multi-pitch routes up to 3-pitches long.

All the routes are shown on colour photo topos. At the start of each crag there is a location map and approach information, along with a description of the style of climbing to be found. Symbols indicate when the best time of the year to visit, crag orientation, approach time, steepness of the climbing, along with how good the bolting is. A graph indicates the total number of routes at each grade is also given.

Crags covered by this Guide
No crags listed for this guidebook.