ISPO 2016 - What's New? Final Report Product News

The UKC team recently returned from the annual gear-fest that is ISPO in Munich. This is the final report from ISPO 2016.

Below are some video interviews with brand representatives, who talked us through the key features of their favourite new items.

  • ISPO 2016 - Boot Bananas
  • ISPO 2016 - Petzl - Reactik+
  • ISPO 2016 - Arc?teryx - Voltair Airbag
  • ISPO 2016 - Goal Zero - Lighthouse Mini
  • ISPO 2016 - Leki - Tourstick Vario Carbo
  • ISPO 2016 - Lowe Alpine - Airzone Pro
  • ISPO 2016 - Lowe Alpine - Avy Tool Bag
  • ISPO 2016 - Petzl - New Ropes
  • ISPO 2016 - Primus - Winter Gas
  • ISPO 2016 - Nikwax - Tech Wash 16.1

11 Feb, 2016
Awesome - Alan partridge talking about boot bananas
11 Feb, 2016
The cascade designs pictures/descriptions are muddled up.
11 Feb, 2016
Why is the Nikwax guy using a Royal Mail showerproof jacket? By design these aren't waterproof at all, wind resistant yes, they give us an orange stormproof jacket, which is waterproof!! Bizarre. Stuart
Think that's been sorted now.
I think that was the purpose of the demonstration: to make something distinctly un-waterproof into something quite water resistant. Funnily enough, I think the reason they actually had one of these (and it's well spotted, it is indeed a Royal Mail Jacket) was because a member of staff had a couple through previous employment with RM, hence they patched them together to make it into a reversible jacket to demo with on occasions such as this.

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