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© Jack Geldard

With the alpine summer season now in full swing many people are getting kitted out with spikey, shiney toys to safeguard their alpine ascents. If you're in the market for a long handled Ice Axe for either this summer's alpine season or next winter's Scottish maelstrom, then look no further.

Below we have listed 8 axes, each from a different manufacturer so that you can compare weights and prices and decide which axe is for you.

The classic Midi-Plan traverse above Chamonix  © Jack Geldard
The classic Midi-Plan traverse above Chamonix
© Jack Geldard

Grivel Munro - £60

Grivel Munro  © Grivel
From November to May in Scotland (and all year-round in the Alps) mountain walkers trekking above the snowline appreciate the security afforded by a solidly built ice axe.

From cutting steps to arresting a slip, the Munro will quickly become your faithful companion on fells and corries.

  • BLADE - Classical Negative
  • SHOVEL/HAMMER - shovel
  • WEIGHT - 480g
  • SHAFT RESISTANCE - 280 kg, B Rated

 More Info: Grivel Website

C.A.M.P Alpina - £110

C.A.M.P Alpina  © C.A.M.P
For rugged alpine terrain, this T-rated ice axe has few peers. The unique forged chromoly steel head delivers superior strength and durability. A refined pick provides excellent performance both when swinging into ice and during a self arrest.

The curve and arc of the adze have been optimized for maximum cutting performance, a feature greatly appreciated when chopping a sleeping platform. In addition, the sculpted head with the thermoplastic cap creates a comfortable hand grip when using the axe as a cane.


  • Sizes: 50, 57, 65, 73 cm
  • Shaft: T
  • Pick: T
  • Spike: Chromoly Steel
  • Leash: Yes
  • Weight: 470 g, 16.6 oz

 More Info: CAMP Website


Petzl Summit - £130

Petzl Summit Ice Axe  © Petzl
A Classic modern mountaineering ice axe

The SUMMIT is designed for modern classic mountaineering. A result of the expertise acquired over many years, Petzl have taken a new technical approach to this category of axe.

The slightly curved shaft provides the necessary clearance on steep or icy terrain with a light, hot forged steel head attached to a texturised, rubber shaft ensuring minimum weight and maximum efficiency with great thermal insulation.

  • Curved upper shaft allows good clearance during climbing, while the straighter lower part guarantees efficient penetration in snow
  • The pick is thin (3.5 mm) at the tip to ensure solid purchase in ice, and wide in the middle (8 mm) for soft snow
  • The pick's curve and upper teeth increase the axe's holding power in piolet rampe usage
  • Tilted adze directs the axe correctly into the snow (piolet-canne usage)
  • Head and spike are equipped with wide, oval holes for easily clipping a carabiner
  • Stainless steel spike ensures excellent grip on rock
  • Available in 52cm (495g), 59cm (535g) and 66cm (570g)

 More Info: Petzl Website

DMM Cirque - £85

DMM Cirque Axe  © DMM
DMM’s classic walking and mountaineering axe.

Our popular workhorse walking and mountaineering axe is now even sleeker and stronger.

The new handle provides superb grip and the fully T-rated pick and shaft provides ultimate security in self-arrest and belay building. Now also available in a hammer option for when the going gets steeper and two axes are required.

A perfect pairing for lightweight semi technical mountaineering.

Available in 50cm (565g), 55cm (583g), 60cm (604g), 65cm (626g).

 More Info: DMM Website


Black Diamond Raven - £79.99

Black Diamond Raven  © Black Diamond
The Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe with Grip takes our classic mountaineer's piolet and adds a lower grip and a Slider Leash for increased security and versatility.

The aluminum shaft and investment-cast stainless steel head provide durable, classic functionality-whether you're plunging up a snowy chute or traversing a jagged crevasse field.

The comfortable dual-density grip increases holding power for icy steps and short steep sections where you need to use the axe like a modern ice tool.

  • Durable, aircraft-grade aluminum shaft
  • Investment-cast, one-piece stainless steel head with a large hole for a carabiner
  • Comfortable, dual-density molded grip
  • Pick's curve and teeth engineered for secure self-arresting
  • Equipped with Slider Leash
  • CEN-B certified

Weight With Leash :  [55 cm] 505 g (1 lb 2 oz)

 More Info: Black Diamond Website

Climbing Technology Alpin Tour G - £70

Climbing Technology Alpin Tour G  © Climbing Technology
A robust general walking axe:

  • hardened steel cataphoresis black head;
  • tapered anodized light alloy shaft, with rubber cover equipped with a new spike at the base;
  • comes complete with its own ice axe leash Drag-Tour

Lengths: 50cm, 60cm, 70cm

Weights: 610g, 640g, 660g

 More Info: Climbing Technology Website

Salewa Tour X - £110

Salewa Tour X  © Salewa
 Classic touring ice axe for high-alpine terrain.

  • Head and pick of steel hot-forged in one piece for exceptional stiffness
  • 360° bonding technology makes rivets unnecessary and means a longer-lasting tool
  • Secure grip even in low temperatures and wet conditions with the ergonomically shaped Progrip shaft and a roughened grip zone
  • Intelligently positioned openings offer plenty of room for securing carabiners or slings for belay or rescue

WEIGHT: 465 g

LENGTHS: 55cm, 62cm, 70cm

 More Info: Salewa Website

Edelrid Raid - £125

Edelrid Raid  © Edelrid
 A technical ice axe for classic mountaineering, high-alpine expeditions and mountain guides.

Lengths: 50cm, 60cm

Weights: 575g, 615g

  • Slightly curved aluminium shaft and hardened steel pick make light work of steep, alpine terrain
  • Ergonomically-shaped head perfect for smooth plunging on the uphill
  • Wide adze for efficient step cutting
  • Hardened steel spike with opening to accommodate a carabiner
  • Modular construction can be adapted to suit all uses and conditions
  • Supplied with grip sticker and allen key

 More Info: Edelrid Website

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19 Jun, 2014
Great article but would be even better if all the info was in one place there eg the weight of the Raven and the length of the Salewa X
19 Jun, 2014
It doesn't really compare like with like. The Grivel Munro compares better with the Peztl Snow walker. The Petzl Summit is more like the Air Tech. Who is the comparison for? Beginners need more info (B vs T, pick shapes for different comditions) Wheras more advanced users need the caomparison to be more even. Why isn't each axe's blurb formatted the same way? Makes it a bit useless.

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