New SALEWA North-X Ice Axe

Designed to be a versatile ice axe which masters all activities related to technical mountaineering, without compromises: approach, climbing in steep mixed or ice terrain, building an anchor, crossing glaciers.

A balanced weight distribution and a 20° offset shaft guarantee an optimal swing and allow for efficient belay mounting. The leash, rated to 5kN, is perfect for self belays. The grip easily moves upwards in snow and does not prevent the setting up of an anchor and its function as a supporting tool.

Here's SALEWA Technical Director Egon Resch explaining more:

UKC ISPO 2015 - Salewa - North-X from TV on Vimeo.


Length: 52.5cm

Materials Description: Steel head and blade, 7075 aluminium shaft, steel spike

Certifications: CE EN 13089, T / CE EN 13089, B

21 Aug, 2015
Looks good. A leashless technical tool where a lanyard is always attached in the ideal position. Shaft plunging on steep softer snow/ice has got me out of a lot of bother, not an option with most modern tools. Now we just need some properly manufactured "axe wings" as an add on.
22 Aug, 2015
It will be interesting to see if they produce a full strength leash to go with it as it looks as though it is the attachment loop that is rated to 5kn.
22 Aug, 2015
A short version of CE EN 13089, T on the Needlesports site indicates it only needs to be 2kN to keep the UIAA happy. So 5 KN is actually quite good.

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