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Every once in a while, a new product comes along that is radically different. Kahtoola KTS is just such a product - it is a game change and re-writes the rules of what is possible in winter. If you have ever teetered from boulder to boulder whilst trying to run a verglassed ridge in the winter or frantically tried to kick an edge into spring neve on a frosty morning then Kahtoola KTS are for you.

Kahtoola KTS
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Years ago I packed a pair of orienteering spiked shoes into my bag for winter runs in the Lakes, that didn't stop me taking a nasty slide and fall on spring neve whilst wearing the spikes. The Kahtoola KTS were a long awaited solution for me. Ordinary crampons require solid stiff boots weighing a few pounds, they also need strapping down fairly tight so if you put them onto running shoes they fall off and before they fall off they cut off the circulation in your toes - not good!

With Kahtoola KTS you have something that is light, fits in seconds and provides massive reassurance. In fact I have verified them as good for the occasional Grade I/II gully and used them very effectively on a traverse of the Welsh 3000s last winter on a day when we saw the big yellow helicopter in action twice – scooping up those who had taken long slides into the boulder fields.

The key is not to tighten them up too much, keep your feet flat to the snow as far as possible and have confidence - you will discover a new world of possibility and it will not be long before someone uses them to break the 24 hour target for the Ramsay Round.

You can read all about the Kahtoola experience on the Welsh 3000's trip that Mark did last winter HERE.

About KTS Crampons: Ultralight Crampons for Winter Adventure

We know what the crampon market looks like: technical, non-flexible, boot-specific...limiting. We designed crampons that would take you through a wide variety of conditions and accommodate pretty much any kind of footwear you have on at the time. The result? The KTS Crampon.

Simply the Best Non-technical/Flexible Hiking Crampons and Walking Crampons

We know we're bragging, but we believe that the KTS Crampons are the best for both hiking and walking. Why? You don't need specific boots or tricky bail systems. The KTS Crampons fit over you're your existing footwear and work with everything from hiking and running shoes to ski and snowboard boots. This is possible due to the patented flexible LeafSpring® extender bar and easy to use straps. Just fasten the straps in the front and around the ankle and you're instantly equipped with a walking crampon or hiking crampon that will take you securely through the day's adventures.

Kahtoola KTS  © Kahtoola
Kahtoola KTS
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Ultralight Crampons – Yes, They're Light!

Nobody needs extra weight on their feet when they're managing icy conditions. That's why the Flexible KTS Crampon was designed as an ultralight, flexible crampon that's both easy to put on and walk in. Our aluminum model weighs in at a mere 19 ounces per pair and the steel isn't far behind at just over 23 ounces. We mean it when we say that they're ultralight crampons. We built a crampon that we were comfortable putting into our own backpacks and on our own feet. We hope you'll enjoy them, too.

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