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Need new crampons? Here's a selection of what's available this season.

Kahtoola KTS Crampons £110

KTS Aluminum - Flexible, Ultralight Crampon

Gain traction and save pack weight with our KTS Aluminum Crampons. With 7075 Aircraft Aluminum, their durability will give you added traction across a wide variety of icy and snowy terrain yet keep your pack (and feet) light as they weigh a mere 19 ounces per pair. These aluminum crampons won't be pack hogs, either - they fold down to a compact 3.5 x 3.5 x 8 inches, meaning you have plenty of room for freeze dried meals, camera gear and all the other things that make your days outside worthwhile.


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Petzl Charlet Vasak Crampons £125

Classic 12-point crampon for general-purpose mountaineering use. Available in four lightweight binding options.
What's special? High quality, lightweight and four binding options spanning boot types.

  • Materials: Charlet steel, nylon
  • Sizes: Available in three lengths - 52cm (495g), 59cm (535g), 66cm (570g)
  • Features: Length of points designed for maximum stability
  • Sharp points for great purchase in ice, wide front points for purchase in snow, reinforced for rigidity
  • Second row of teeth angled towards the front for support when front-pointing
  • Third row of points optimise bite on hard snow slopes
  • Four teeth for stability while descending face downhill, lateral points for purchase while traversing
  • Linking bar can be set flexible or semi-rigid to adapt the crampon to flexible or rigid boots
  • Fits boots sizes 36 to 46 with M linking bar (included)
  • Optional L linking bar fits boots sizes 41 to 50
  • Available in four types of binding systems: Spirlock (930g), Flexlock (940g), Leverlock (980g), Leverlock FIL (920g)

More info on the Petzl Website

Cassin C14 Crampon  © Allcord Ltd

Cassin C14 Crampons £175

The modular C14 features six points of adjustment so climbers can customize their crampons for their preferred style of climbing. The wide spacing of the dual points promotes stability and helps prevent clogging with ice chunks. The C14 can also be configured as a monopoint (centered or offset, kit included). For overhanging mixed climbing, an optional heel spur can be attached. The side points are designed to give the climber secure foot placements on ice, rock, and snow.

  • Ice, Mixed and Alpine Climbing
  • Versatile high-performance crampons for ice and rock
  • Vertical frame forefoot maximizes power and precision
  • Forged front points for strength and durability
  • Fully adjustable automatic binding fits most technical boots
  • Anti-balling plates prevent dangerous snow build up
  • Material: Chromoly Steel
  • Points: 14
  • Binding: Automatic (C3)
  • Anti-Balling Plates: Yes
  • Crampon Case: Included
  • Size: 36-47 cm
  • Weight: 1130 g


Black Diamond Cyborg Crampons  © Black Diamond
Black Diamond Cyborg Crampons £159

The Black Diamond Cyborg is a high-end ice and mixed climbing crampon with a lightweight stainless steel design. Optimized for steep waterfall ice, mixed climbing or hard mountain routes, the Cyborg's semi-rigid design offers maximum control for precise placement with minimal weight. Used in mono- or dual-point configuration, the modular, hooded vertical frontpoints perform flawlessly.

  • Distinctive stainless steel construction doesn't rust, is more durable, resists snow balling and saves weight
  • Low-profile micro-adjust heel lever offers precision fit
  • Adjustable, hooded frontpoints and aggressive secondary points
  • Pro version accommodates boots with a toe welt
  • Clip version features flexible toe strap for boots without a toe welt
  • Includes dual-density ABS

Black Diamond Website

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Grivel G22  © Grivel
Grivel G22 Crampons £170

This crampon is the evolution with two front points of the G20 model that has established the new standard of lightness of the technical crampons. The new Mono-Rail technology distributed the points in an intelligent and original way.

  • The lightest dual points tech crampon: 930g with front and rear antiballing
  • Two hot forged front points
  • Patented Monorail technology
  • Asymmetrical front bar
  • Points for stability
  • Rear orientated points for friction and hooking
  • Point for dynamic equilibrium
  • Micro adjustment
  • Length adjustment
  • Laser cut
  • Mono rail technology asymmetrical right and left

More info on the Grivel Website

DMM Terminator Crampons  © DMM
DMM Terminator Crampons £140

Our most technical crampon is the Terminator, a fully rigid climbing crampon which has more set-up options than you have underpants - choose the points you want and get cranking.

  • Lightweight crampons for seriously steep ice and mixed climbing
  • Asymmetrically curved
  • Fully rigid
  • Weight: 1020g
  • Versatile front point set up allows you to have:
  • Dual front points
  • Mono points
  • Offset monos
  • Or a mixed mono
  • Optional heel spike

More info on DMM Website

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