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One pack. Infinite Possibilities. Welcome to the Aeon Product News

Welcome to the Aeon - a new lightweight, multi-activity daypack from Lowe Alpine.

A revolutionary new multi-activity day pack range. Designed for those with an infinite possibility mindset, the Aeon is the perfect mix of rugged construction, functional features and high-quality, premium materials. It is a lightweight, versatile pack that is easy-to-use in all conditions, during all outdoor activities. Perfect for cragging, hiking, mountain running, it'll even handle the daily commute!

"The Flexion harness has taken many months and hundreds of development samples to get to where we wanted to be – the result is something that is truly innovative and redefines pack harness construction. Allied with the rest of the Air Contour back system and great packs that mix up style and outstanding performance we believe we now have a range that can be category defining".

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9 Mar, 2018

...infinite possibility mindset...

Seriously, sack your advertising writer. WTF does that even mean in the real world?

10 Mar, 2018

Rugged construction/Lightweight...pick one and only one.

Perfect for cragging/mountain running...pick one and only one, it can't be perfect for both.

'It'll even handle the daily commute' but so will a schoolbag from sports direct and that way you don't wear out your nice outdoorsy rucksacks with avoidable wear and tear. You don't get to signal that you are outdoorsy that way though.

It's probably a perfectly good rucksack but the advertising waffle on this one is a bit nauseating.


10 Mar, 2018

"A revolutionary new multi-activity day pack" - bit strong isn't it? If the sack had been made from somekind of forcefield which keeps everything in place that would be one thing... but from the looks of it its a rucksack with some nice features... I always struggle witht he hype around clothes and packs but this is a good one...

10 Mar, 2018

No ski carry option, so 'infinite' is starting to look a little finite. 

P.s. if anyone can recommend a 20-25ltr pack with two axe holders and ski carry I'd be appreciative 

10 Mar, 2018

Look at Millet, the French brand. 

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