Exped Drypack Pro

Avoiding wet kit is an issue for any outdoor enthusiast, especially in the reliably damp UK. Exped's 2010 range of incredibly versatile, super-light dry bags offer an easy solution to this irritating problem. The Drypack Pro's stripped down, daysack styling will appeal to a wide range of outdoor users including climbers, walkers, mountain bikers and kayakers. What's more, because it's light and waterproof, the Drypack Pro also makes an ideal travel day bag.

The Drypack Pro comes in two sizes: 15 litre or 25 litre. Both comprise a simple, single compartment, which seals water tight with a roll-top closure. The waist and chest straps are lightweight, ventilated daypack-style straps and, on the front, there's a handy bungee cord and a haul loop. What more do you need?

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  • Climbers and scramblers can leave hefty packs behind for those final technical sections, taking the bare necessities in this light and stable pack.
  • Walkers will appreciate a super-light daypack that's guaranteed to keep kit dry. The Drypack Pro is perfect for a day hike in changeable weather.
  • Mountain bikers, commuters and cycle tourists will find the Drypack Pro easy to stow when not in use, lightweight, yet large enough to carry all the essentials, and keep them dry.
  • Kayakers and canoeists who are already regular dry bag users will find the day sack features of the Drypack Pro surprisingly handy.
  • Backpackers and travellers: the Drypack Pro makes the perfect travel bag. Roll it up and pack it in your suitcase, then use it as a lightweight daypack when needed. Perfect for tropical rainstorms, whitewater rafting day trips or just to keep that expensive camera guaranteed safe and dry.

Available in six colours and two sizes:

  • 15 litre – SRP £22.50
  • 25 litre – SRP £25.00

UK stockists:

Lyon Equipment are the UK Distributors for Exped. Find an Exped stockist here: www.lyon-outdoor.co.uk
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26 Jan, 2010
i'm trying to see how these differ from the Alpkit bags, apart from they are more expensive and the alpkit ones are proven to be great?
If you mean these - http://www.alpkit.com/shop/cart.php?target=product&product_id=16366&category_id=251 then they are actually slightly more expensive. Both look like good products to me but very different. The Exped one looks lighter and more ergonomic whereas the Alpkit one looks to be slightly tougher. Alan
26 Jan, 2010
Ive got an Aplkit Gourdon and one of these Exped bags. The Exped is much lighter and can be rolled away very small. The Alpkit I use on my mountain bike as its just a bit heavy (bombproof though). I highly recommend both of these but all depends on what you need the bag for!
26 Jan, 2010
ahh ok they are lighter, guessing they are the same material as their normal roll top sacks? I did mean the Gordan and not the dry dock. Both are great though as is everything i have ever owed from alpkit (i did get the chop sticks for christmas and cant quite see the point though!)
26 Jan, 2010
Yes they are the same as the roll top packs, though it does have a slightly padded/thicker back section to it. Yeah i'm an Alpkit fan aswell. Great kit and great prices.

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