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Dolomites : Rock Climbs and Via Ferrata Rockfax Cover  © Rockfax
You can now pre-order your copy of the exciting new Rockfax guidebook to rock climbs and via ferrata in the magnificent Dolomites in northern Italy. The book will cover everything you need for a climbing trip regardless of ability, whether it be sport, trad, via ferrata or a combination of all three. It features all the major areas and is the only guidebook available to have such comprehensive coverage.

The book has been authored by James Rushforth who, together with his partner Lynne Hempton, spent several years documenting the climbs and VFs, and taking some amazing photographs for the book. Regular followers of the UKClimbing Photo of the Week competition have got used to James winning and you can see his amazing gallery here.

The Dolomites : Rock Climbs and Via Ferrata is now available for pre-ordering at a special offer price of £25.95 (RRP £29.95).

Pre-order your copy now to take advantage of this special offer and to ensure that you receive the book as soon as possible after it is published in the first week of August. This will be the fastest way to get hold of a copy of the book, in fact you might even get it before we do since the main delivery goes straight to the warehouse before being moved on to the UKC/Rockfax base in Sheffield.

More about the guide

The Dolomites Rockfax example page  © Rockfax
Via ferrata are covered on self-contained double page spreads

The Dolomites Rockfax example page  © Rockfax
Classic routes are featured across the whole area

Estimated Delivery Date

We anticipate the book being published on around 6/7/8 August and 'Pre-orders' will be sent out directly after this. UK orders should arrive on 8/11/12 August. Shops should have stock by the weekend of 16/17 August. It could be several weeks before shops in Italy and the rest of Europe have stock.

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10 Jul, 2014
Is there a list of routes (maybe with grades) to give a better idea of the coverage? Feel free to berate me for only having looked for about 15 seconds!
10 Jul, 2014
13 Jul, 2014
No, no no - you don't get to berate me with that. I want to know what routes, not what crags. So, for example on Tre Cime, is Brandler-Hasse in, ISO 2000, Italo Svizzera, Spigolo Scoiatolli? On Marmolada, is Moden Zeiten in? Actually, I guess really I'm after the grade spread - so in comparison with the Kohler, Memmel guide does it go a bit harder, which would be good if I ever get my arse back out there with a bit of recent climbing under my belt, or is it kind of the same (or easier)?
Hi Matt We are working on the UKC and Rockfax database entries for the guide which we should have done by the end of the week. After that you will be able to see the full routes list on the RF database. I think that is yes, yes, no, no, no Alan
29 Jul, 2014
Thanks Alan. I'll try to remember to keep checking. Shame about Squirrel's Ridge and Moden Zeiten - I should think they would comfortably make a Dollies Top 50 if the guide was comprehensive (a bit like missing out Memory Lane, and Positron, from a N. Wales selected guide). However, I fully appreciate that you probably want to cover a reasonable range of routes well, rather than a large range of routes badly and I have yet to see a good, modern topo for either of them (well, haven't looked for a few years but the PlanetMountain one for Squirrel's Ridge used to be pants, for example). I've always thought that what is needed for alpine areas is either some process of gradual/continuous updating and expansion, or some really effective collaborative translations of good, local guides. Having said that, the number of UK people who are likely to do enough in any alpine area to want a really wide selection of routes, is tiny and it's not Rockfax's job to make a loss writing a guide for them. I hope the new guide gets a few more Brits out there onto some decent routes.
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