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Dolomite, the brand that shaped world mountaineering, is proud to present its latest design Veloce GTX®, the stand-out product in the Dolomite Performance Footwear SS 2019 collection.

Veloce Gtx® boasts a cutting-edge construction system, never used before in footwear in this category. Creatively developing upon ancient and traditional techniques we revised and further harnessed the skill and experience of the best footwear manufacturers in the world. A project devised, designed, developed and produced in Italy alone.

LIGHTNESS – only 540g ½ pair.

In the area of technical footwear and professional sports the weight of footwear is crucial. Excess weight means an unnecessary waste of energies which are subtracted from the sporting performance. Veloce Gtx® only weighs 540g/half pair, really very low for footwear with its features. The objective was achieved thanks to the skilful combination and application of different construction solutions and technologies

The Perspair® technology used for the upper allows a structure to be made which represents an ideal combination of lightness and resistance. The Perspair® textile technology allows the insertion, directly in the loom, of "super fibres", technical yarns with specific properties of breathability, anti-abrasion and anti-shearing, all this in one piece. In this way an ultra-lightweight upper is obtained in that it lacks overlapping materials which would otherwise be necessary for the different functions.

The Nanga Litebase tread is made by Vibram® with an innovative technology designed to drastically reduce the weight of the rubber sole, while maintaining the performance features intact. The goal of lightness is achieved through an extreme reduction in the thicknesses of the rubber sole. This leads to a reduction in the weight of the tread of 25-30%.


The possibility of being able to do a lot of things with a single product is an undeniable advantage. The mountain environment is extremely varied in relation to the geographical location, altitude, season and even geological origin. Grassy, stony, snowy, rocky sections, etc., with slopes that vary as far as the vertical, would require specific products for each situation. For these reasons today's mountaineers prefer footwear which allows them to reach their goals in safety and at speed, irrespective of the variability of the routes.

  • The Gore-Tex lining ensures waterproofing on wet grass or snow.
  • The rigid insole allows progress over rock and stability on all types of terrain.
  • The Alp Hc midsole in PU with double density allows absorption of impact during the trek.
  • The rear attachment for crampons allows the crossing of snow fields and frozen areas.
  • The Nanga Litebase tread combines the resistance and durability of the Mont mix with the lightness of the Litebase technology, without altering the grip, endurance and traction which make it suitable for all mountain terrains.


Every movement is important in the mountains both as a question of athletic performance or recreational activity. Veloce Gtx® allows absolute control at each step.

  • The shape is precise but not extreme for an enveloping yet comfortable fit, even during intensive use.
  • The stretch insock wraps the foot completely, avoiding the formation of creases in the material or the formation of empty spaces.
  • The Perspair® upper reduces thicknesses to a minimum, perfectly adhering to the foot.


Nimble, loose movements are a part of the performances pursued by mountain climbers. Veloce Gtx® allows these capabilities to be expressed without jeopardising the safety that is essential to all those who love mountains.

The low cut of the upper allows complete mobility of the ankle, allowing freedom of movement during the climb, even on the more difficult footholds.

Reduced weight and volume also allow it to be hooked to belts or returned to the backpack once the wall to be climbed with shoes has been reached.

Check out the Veloce GTX in the UKC Top 10 Products of OutDoor 2018.

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