Boot Bananas, Saving the world from fruity feet!

Boot Bananas, Saving the world from fruity feet!

A rock shoe revelation. £13

Hang your head in shame no longer. Here to combat the extreme odours found in 'fruity' footwear and free you from the stinky social stigma - is Boot Bananas - the ultimate shoe deodoriser.

Armed with fragrant, moisture absorbing plant and mineral extracts all wrapped up in a fun, distinctive banana shape, you can obliterate even the ripest of shoe odours.

At Boot Bananas we believe nothing should stop you living a happy, active life, not even those smelly sports shoes.

So make sure to tell your friends and family that they can breathe easy from now on. Boot Bananas are saving the world, one pair of fruity feet at a time! 

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22 Sep, 2015
Commercial or not, I can really recommend these! Before I had them I couldn't store my Climbing shoes in the house, but now they don't smell anymore. They work best on fresh shoes, but they will bring back smelly shoes quite well.
22 Sep, 2015
I've found Odor Eaters work amazingly well on the worst shoes and are about a of third the price. Do these offer any advantages for the extra money?
22 Sep, 2015
I found they made my shoes stink worse than ever and were a poor substitute for simply airing the shoes. I suspect the main benefit is that people remember to remove their boots from the bags so they fester less...

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