Outside DEAL OF THE MONTH: Arc'teryx S240 WARP Harness Deal Of The Month

Arcteryx S240 WARP Harness #1
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In weaving terms WARP is the set of horizontal yarns through which something called WEFT is woven vertically. In making clothing the WEFT always had to be less strong than the WARP because it didn't have to be stretched. This applies to webbing manufacture as well with the horizontal WARP being the main load bearing part of the material and the WEFT holding this together vertically. The S240 has had the WEFT removed from its webbing.

What does this elimination of the WEFT in the S240 harness mean?

  • Incredibly light weight - the S240 weighs just 248g.
  • Packable - the S240 comes in a 15 x 15 cm box.
  • Comfortable - no padded narrow tape around the waist, the whole waist belt is load bearing and spreads the load evenly.
  • Non insulating - You wont get as hot under the harness as there is no foam padding.
  • Freedom of movement - The light weight and thin nature of the harness mean that you almost don't notice it when climbing.

What are the harnesses other features?

  • Removable/Reversible moulded gear loops - Rack your gear facing forward or backwards.
  • Self locking buckle - Easy to use self locking buckle means you don't have to worry about whether you've doubled back.
  • Wear marker - This shows orange when the harness has seen prolonged use and needs to be retired.
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21 Aug, 2009
Blimey, that month went past quick. It felt like only yesterday that the deal of the month was a bunch of screwgates... Nice looking harness though.
21 Aug, 2009
Each retailer gets one DEAL OF THE MONTH.http://www.ukclimbing.com/gear/list.php?type=25&brand=
21 Aug, 2009
Aha. An embarrassment of riches!
26 Aug, 2009
Just been to Outside and bought one - talk about feather-weight - makes my old harnesses look like they came out of the ark! Chris

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