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Since our founding in 1981 we have worked at the forefront of insulation technology, becoming masters of our craft. Developing cutting-edge insulation designs requires the same approach that we bring to the mountains. Moving constantly forward with careful thought and consideration, we continue to break new ground.

We believe GORE® adhere to the same fundamental values. Our stories share strikingly similar beginnings, starting with an individual inspired to pursue their ideas. Since then, GORE® have walked a similar path, forging the way in fabric development, we admire and share their commitment to supporting and equipping those with a love of the outdoors. It is clear they are mountain people.

United by a passion for innovation and excellence, we are excited to combine our expertise and experience in building world-class mountain products.


GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ was a catalyst for collaboration - as a fabric, its flexibility and functionality intrigued us. The potential was obvious. United by a passion for innovation and excellence, partnership with GORE® felt natural. Combining our expertise and experience with down and their knowledge of fabrics, we feel together we have the capability to build world-class mountain products:

Infinity Jacket  © Rab
RAB INFINITY JACKET (RRP £400): Providing specialist protection for those facing harsh conditions, the Infinity Jacket combines a weather-resistant GORE-TEX® INFINIUM™ outer and 800FP R.D.S Certified Goose Down to maximise warmth in cold, damp environment

RAB INFINITY LIGHT JACKET (RRP £350): Designed for mountaineers operating in mixed conditions, the Infinity Light Jacket has a robust GORE-TEX® INFINIUM™ outer that deflects the elements and is filled with 800FP R.D.S Certified Goose Down to maintain core warmth

Specialist Shell Range

Combining GORE-TEX®'s in-depth understanding of waterproof fabrics with Rab's high mountain pedigree, we believe our specialist shell range brings both comfort and protection to dedicated climbers, mountaineers and hikers all over the world. Working together with GORE-TEX®, we are committed to making sure your clothing stands up to all the challenges the mountains present, allowing you to focus purely on the landscape around you.

Our longstanding knowledge of this environment has enabled us to ensure the fit, function and finish of every individual product has been honed and perfected for its intended use. Taking inspiration from GORE-TEX®'s extensive collection, we have carefully selected and paired distinct fabrics with the environment in which they will be worn.

As a British brand, we are lucky enough to take advantage of the mountains around us and have used the notorious Scottish winter as a testing ground. Pitting products against snow, sleep, rain and ice we have rigorously scrutinised and experimented, working with GORE® to shield you from the elements and efficiently evacuate water away from the body.

The results are impressive - a revolutionised hardshell range in which you can be sure of complete wet weather protection across all mountain environments:

RAB LATOK GTX JACKET (RRP £440): The Latok GTX Jacket gives ultimate wet weather protection. Honed for extreme environments, an unyielding 70D GORE-TEX® Pro outer deflects the elements while a full mountain feature set maximises performance in poor conditions.

RAB LATOK GTX BIB (RRP £400): Designed to handle prolonged wet weather, the Latok GTX Bib combines robust 70D GORETEX® Pro fabric with climb specific features to assure ultimate protection in extreme environments.

RAB MUZTAG GTX JACKET (RRP £350): Built for climbers, the Muztag GTX Jacket pairs tough GORE-TEX® Pro panels with a breathable GORE-TEX® Active body to provide protection without the weight penalty. Men's and Women's version available.

RAB MUZTAG GTX PANTS (RRP £330): Built for climbers operating in harsh conditions, the Muztag GTX Pants are made from a robust GORE-TEX® Pro. Lightweight and durable, they allow optimal performance when protection is vital. Men's and Women's version available.

RAB LADAKH GTX JACKET (RRP £350): Expertly balancing breathability with protection, the Ladakh GTX Jacket twins soft GORE® C-KNIT™ and durable GORE-TEX® Pro to bring comfort to the most challenging of environments. Men's and Women's version available.

Women's Khangri GTX Jacket  © Rab
Women's Khangri GTX Jacket
© Rab

RAB KANGRI GTX JACKET (RRP £280): Robust and reliable, the Kangri GTX Jacket is a 70D GORE-TEX® 3-layer mountain waterproof ready for year-round alpine adventures. Men's and Women's version available.

RAB KANGRI GTX PANTS (RRP £200): Made from robust 70D 3-Layer GORE-TEX® fabric, the Kangri GTX Pants can be relied on for total protection whatever the adventure. Men's and Women's version available.


RAB GUIDE 2 GTX GLOVE (RRP £120): Designed for dedicated winter mountaineers and outdoor professionals, the Guide 2 GTX Gloves use GORE-TEX® Warm Waterproof Technology to maximise warmth and dexterity on long cold mountain days.

RAB PIVOT GTX GLOVE (RRP £110): The ultimate technical winter gauntlet, the Pivot GTX Gloves combine GORE-TEX® Active and PrimaLoft® Gold in a mapped 3D construction to offer unrivalled dexterity on demanding routes. Men's and Women's version available.

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11 Sep, 2019

I'm not sure how I feel about this.. One of the things I like about Rab, is that they DON'T use GORE. I've always thought that GORE is over rated and over priced!

Will they be moving their whole range to GORE, I wonder!? That would no doubt price me out of the market...

11 Sep, 2019

It's interesting, here on UKC I think I've seen more complaints about eVent over the last, say, 15 years than I have about Goretex - it does seem that us punters seem to find that eVent suddenly start leaking in a more dramatic way than Goretex does. But then Gore has become a bit of a behemoth in terms of marketing and advertising, which must be a big part of it.

It seems they've stopped using NeoShell as well, in the same way Jöttnar did last winter.

11 Sep, 2019

It's no more pricey than eVent was/is. (not sure who still uses it these days).

12 Sep, 2019

Is that because you kept telling everyone it wasn't windproof? :-)

I have the original Rab Neo trousers and find them quite good, but the DWR didn't last too long. More comfortable than most shell pants though.

I thought eVent went generic, rather than its own retail brand, meaning raincoat companies could use it and call it their own thing? Or something like that? Like Patagonia has always done.

12 Sep, 2019

Because it isn't! Or not as much as some waterproof breathable materials anyway. I think Neoshell wasn't deemed particularly waterproof by some, and that was a problem. Jottnars new fabric has a much higher HH, so that makes sense.

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