Metolius Simulator 3D Training Board

The renowned Metolius Simulator™ has had a face lift for this training season.

The world's best-selling training board has been re-designed by the Metolius climbing collective and re-modelled using their state-of-the-art CNC machining faciltity in Bend, Oregon. (near Smith Rock; well, right next to it actually!)

The new ergoniomic shape tapers the increased hold combination across a broad arc, to make training on the board more natural, more effective and less prone to injury than with other similar fingerboards.

The fine texture is skin-friendly and the outward taper of the board means that there is increased room for your ever-growing forearms when using the top row of holds or slopers.

In short, every possible aspect has been refined to make the Metolius Simulator 3D the perfect choice if your new year's resolution is to train harder!.

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16 Dec, 2009
Those slopers look P**s. I have my beastmaker on an overhang. (And can't hang owt)
16 Dec, 2009
Uhh..... why?
16 Dec, 2009
Because I'm dim, and only decided to use the spirit level AFTER I mounted it haha. Fear not, I have procured several washers and someday soon I may even find the motivation to fix it
16 Dec, 2009
Ah, I thought for some perverse reason perhaps you thought the slopers were not nails enough already? :)
16 Dec, 2009
Looks about as good as there last effort.
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