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Premier Post: Name Our Fingerboard Competition - Climb Indoors King Kong, part of Climb Indoors based in Threlked Quarry at the base of Blencathra near Keswick, designed a new fingerboard using the latest Polyurethane technology. The board is a very strong and lightweight, and has sloping top edges as well as full hand rungs for power pulls. It is suitable for both novice to expert.

Climb Indoors ran a competition to name this board using a Premier Post at Plus you had to answer a question: If you buy a set each of the Aboriginals, Pockets, Monster Slopers and Turtle Shells from the Climb Indoors website, how many hand holds would you have in total? The prize of course is the fingerboard.

Suggestions included:

battle axe, The Gallows, Fourplay, Ninja Fingers, Dame Edna's Specs, Batleth, The Cranksmith, Rib-cage, Pretzel, Ken, the scorpion

Oliver at Climb Indoors announced the winner:

The winner with an answer of 102 holds (which most, but not all, people answered correctly) is Jonathan King.

His name suggestion was


, meaning the above board is now our new Diablo Fingerboard and will be available from our website shortly at a price of £46.00.

Thanks to everyone who entered, make sure you look out for our next competition which will be announced shortly.

Best Regards

Everyone @ Climb Indoors

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