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Avoid the horrific honk and fight the funk with Boot Bananas
Rock shoes stink – let’s face it. Boot Bananas are the perfect way to fight the funk and keep them fresh. They help to absorb moisture and leave a pleasant lavender infused aroma instead of that horrific honk that can pervade everything in your pack, car or home.

Boot Bananas keep footwear fresh using moisture absorbent minerals and fragrant essential oils with anti-bacterial properties. The cotton skin allows a little of the fine powder filling into your boots making it very difficult for bacteria to grow.

The active ingredients used in Boot Bananas include bamboo charcoal – a naturally absorbent mineral, sodium bicarbonate and zeolite. These are combined with the natural fragrances of lavender lemon, patchouli and tea-tree oils for an unbeatable combination of moisture absorption and sweat zapping aroma.

Depending on use, Boot Bananas usually last 6-12 months and can be ‘reactivated’ to a certain extent by leaving them to dry out in the sun or on a radiator. What’s more as they gradually near the end of their life they ‘ripen’ and turn brown – that’s when you know to replace them with a fresh pair.

Boot Bananas were designed by Alex and her climbing instructor partner Phil. They were originally conceived as a solution to Phil’s climbing shoes stinking out their flat. As demand increased they moved production out of their flat and Boot Bananas are now made and hand filled by Troll Outdoors in Skipton, North Yorkshire. 



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