Alpkit Zhota Mountain Tent

The Zhota is an extremely versatile 3-4 person mountain tent. Every feature on the tent has been designed to make your life in the mountains more pleasurable. The central spreader bar splits the geodesic shape of the tent and increases the internal living space.

Alpkit Zhota.  © Alpkit
Alpkit Zhota.
© Alpkit

Central spreader bar.  © Alpkit
Central spreader bar.
© Alpkit

Spreading the load: The most striking feature of the Zhota is the central spreader bar which links the 2 diagonal cross poles together. The spreader splits the natural crossing point of these poles increasing the internal head room of the tent by over 20%. The bar also transmits loads, both dynamic like the wind or static like snow, throughout and across the entire pole structure of the tent.

Inner space: Be it base camps, advance camps, family camps, the Zhota will take everything you throw at it. The square floor plan gives a versatile area to set out your pads and sleeping bags. The steep side walls rise high above your head before curving nicely into the ceiling giving ample space for 4 or more people to sit in comfort. Pockets along the side walls and hang tabs on the pole junctions give you plenty of options to keep your tent neat and tidy.

DAC are the most respected pole manufacturer in the market today. Premium aircraft aluminum poles packed full of features make them pound for pound the strongest and most durable poles on the market. Expanded ends combined with DAC Pressfit inserts combine to create a light but strong and reliable pole joint. Soft tip protectors prevent poles damaging each other when they ping together when breaking down a pole. The pole tips are fixed securely into the poles with a thread allowing you to easily remove it to replace any part of the pole.

The Zhota comes shipped with 20 Candy Cane pegs, unless you have your own already, in which case we knock down the price by £10.

  • Total Weight (excluding pegs): 4836g
  • Sleeps: 3/4 Mountaineers
  • Poles: DAC NSL Featherlite Green Poles
  • Outer: 40D R/S Sil/PU Fly balances packable weight with mountain durability
  • Inner: 20D Breathable RS Nylon Inner dries quickly and retains internal tent temperature without extra weight penalty
  • Groundsheet: 10000mm 70D PU Taped Bath Tub Floor
  • Packed Size (diameter x length): 230mm x 600mm

Inner space  © Alpkit
Inner space
© Alpkit
Zhota geometry.  © Alpkit
Zhota geometry.
© Alpkit

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