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Rab Sleeping Bag Range Product News

Hand filled, stitched and finished

Driven by a pursuit of excellence, we believe the best way to ensure the quality of our sleeping bags is to fill them in our own factory in Derbyshire.

This allows us to strictly control the amount and quality of the down going into our bags. Once they are filled, they're stored uncompressed, and leave our factory in the best condition possible.

Sleeping bags work by insulating your body heat to prevent you from getting cold.Down are the fluffy clusters found underneath the tougher outer feathers of ducks and geese. Each cluster has millions of filaments, these create tiny air pockets that trap warm air and keep out the cold from the surrounding environment. The more air your sleeping bag can trap, the warmer you will be.

Down is the perfect insulator as it has the best warmth to weight ratio of all insulation types.

The Rab Sleeping Bag Range


Designed for use up to 8000m altitude and exposed alpine belays, the Andes sleeping bags offer similar warmth to the Expedition range in a more performance orientated shape, optimising warmth-to-weight and reducing pack size.


The Mythic sleeping bags have the best warmth-to-weight ratio in the Rab range. To withstand the challenges of moving fast and light in alpine environments, they retain all the features needed to stay warm and protected in the mountains.

Neutrino Pro

Designed with a durable and weather resistant Pertex Quantum Pro outer, our Neutrino Pro sleeping bags are designed to take you from big wall bivi ledges through to lightweight mountaineering and winter conditions.


The Neutrino bags are lightweight, minimalist down-filled sleeping bags, designed for situations where warmth-to-weight is a primary concern.

Alpine Pro

The Alpine Pro range is for those looking to balance warmth, weight and comfort. Rugged and durable, they offer protection and warmth in cold conditions.


The Ascent bags are hard-wearing high performing sleeping bags you can depend on for comfort and protection. Durable, tough and reliably warm, they are perfect for those looking to invest in their first down sleeping bag.


The Ignition range are lightweight, synthetic sleeping bags well suited to everything from spring camping to remote trekking. Filled with synthetic Pyrotec insulation they have a small pack size and a good warmth-to-weight ratio.


The Morpheus range of bags are a real hybrid of technologies. Combining a warm duck down upper, foot and hood with a synthetic base for moisture resistance, they are fantastically versatile and comfortable.


Our Expedition sleeping bags are the warmest in the range. They are designed for use on expeditions to 8000m peaks and in polar environments.

Hydrophobic Down

All the down in our sleeping bags is processed with a Hydrophobic down treatment. This is a PFC-free solution co-developed with Nikwax® that is added to the down at the cleaning stage.

Hydrophobic down absorbs less water than untreated down when exposed for long periods of time. Down is innately water repellent, but will lose its insulating properties when eventually saturated with water. Hydrophobic down helps to protect the down from saturation, preserving its lofting ability and insulation properties for longer. It also speeds up drying times and extends the range of conditions in which you can use your sleeping bag.

Responsible Down Standard

Down is an integral part of our heritage here at Rab. We take pride in making sure all the down we use is ethically sourced from within Europe. From farm to factory, every stage of the process is certificated by the Responsible Down Standard (R.D.S).

R.D.S is a comprehensive global, third-party-certified, animal welfare and traceability standard for down and feathers. We believe R.D.S is the most robust and transparent scheme available. It makes sure that all the down we use in our products comes from birds that have not been live-plucked or force-fed and ensures their welfare has been protected from when they were hatchlings, to when they are slaughtered. The geese and ducks must live healthy lives, express innate behaviours and not suffer pain, fear or distress.

As one of the first certified members of the Responsible Down Standard, we are committed to continually improving animal welfare and ensuring all our down is traceable throughout our supply chain.

Fill Power and Weight

Fill Power measures how well the down lofts and how much air it traps – this gives you an indication of warmth. The higher the down lofts, the higher its fill power rating and the more warmth each cluster will trap.

Goose down fill power (FP) ratings in the outdoor industry generally vary between 600FP and 1000FP. Duck down fill power generally varies between 500FP and 700FP. Fill weight is the total amount of down used in a product. This is generally measured in grams. Fill weight (along with baffle construction) is one of the largest influences on the overall warmth of a sleeping bag. Generally speaking, the more down inside a sleeping bag, the warmer it willbe - although this is also largely influenced by fill power. By using a higher fill power, we can create a warmer bag for less weight than if we used a lower fill power.

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19 Mar, 2019

The key point about Rab is that his quality control is absolutely awesome.

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